Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bodega owners packing heat

From the Daily News:

A crusader for city bodegas wants to turn deli owners into Dirty Harrys - by urging them to pack heat behind the counter.

Luis Ducasse, head of the Bodega Association of the United States, has been targeting cornershops and delis in crime-ridden neighborhoods, handing out gun-license applications to owners.

"Deli owners make for easy victims," he said. "A person can come in wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun, and the person behind the counter has no place to go, or way to fight back."

The pistol push began after at least 12 deli owners from the Bronx and Queens told Ducasse they were victims of an armed robbery in the last few weeks, he said. At least three deli workers were killed in robberies this winter, he said.


georgetheatheist said...

N.Y.C. Handgun application

National Rifle Association

Your constitutional right to own a gun

Anonymous said...

Unless you can get your gun out fast to "beat the drop" on a robber...he'll, most likely, kill you and then take your defensive weapon from your "cold dead hands" and add it to his personal arsenal for his next job!

Anonymous said...

What give Bodega Drug dealer Owners a chance to own a gun? These palces should all be shut down - they harbor the criminals. The fat-asses who buy food here are nothing sloven folks fed on assistance and can't walk 10 blocks to the supermarket to get 10x the value vs a S***TY bodega ripping them off because they speak Puerto Rican.

Anonymous said...

Anon. No. 3:

What a convincing, literate argument.

Joe said...

The fee for the NYPD to process those applications is over $400.
They can (and usually do) deny you a permit for any reason they want.
Its all a scam to make $$$ and keep citizens disarmed IMO.

Unless your a judge, politician or some Israeli, Russian Bukharin criminal working in the diamond district kiss your $400 and permit goodbye.


georgetheatheist said...

Joe: you're right about the $$$. Where does the NYC Police Department come off charging $400 - four hundred dollars!-for a citizen to be able to exercise his constitutional right to own a firearm. Some smart lawfirm ought to sue the cops' asses off for violating our rights.

Anonymous said...

George, it would be one thing if it was $400 to exercise your constitutional right. This is $400 to find out you CAN'T exercise your constitutional right!

Anonymous said...

If you want a target/premises gun permit you've got to hire a lawyer for mega $$$$$ and then pay the $400 fee.

If you use a lawyer your chances to get that permit are better than if you do it alone.

Almost NOBODY gets a carry (on the street) permit in NYC unless you're a jewelry courier, private guard, etc.

Instead, keep an 18" barrel shotgun in your bodega and you only have to register it (I think).

Because it's a long arm you don't need a permit. Am I right George?
Maybe the law has changed and I could be mistaken.

And any experienced firearms expert will tell you that a "scattergun" loaded with 00 magnum buckshot is the best defensive round you can discharge.

I believe that's like getting hit with 10 .32 caliber bullets at once!

georgetheatheist said...

What the NYC Police Department does not want you to know:

U.S.Cities Face Restructuring of Gun Laws

2nd Amendment Israeli-American Alan Gura we need you here.