Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mr. C. still not cooperating

From Beehive Hairdresser:

We already knew that the construction has begun to undermine the neighboring foundation by way of attaching the new structure illegally to the original neighboring structure, but now water damage is also doing so. Check out that hole!

All that we can say about this whole sordid mess is that enough is enough. The New York City Department of Buildings, the courts, and our local elected officials need to grow a set of balls and force the ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS construction to be torn down, removed once and for all and then give the bill to the Mr. Cunningham.

Does someone need to be killed by the goon who is so full of hate as to build such a monstrosity? And does a partial building collapse need to happen before something of actual significance gets done to remedy this HORRIFIC and UNSAFE situation?

See previously: Mr. Cunningham, tear down this wall!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Robert Cunningham is an architect himself, but he is using another architect, Michael S Mazzella of Pennsylvania, as the applicant of his project.

What is he trying to hide?

(LOL) Don Ciccio said...

Maybe shoving "Mr. C" into that hole for a nice long dirt nap is a viable solution.

We offer "cut" rates too (LOL) on every contract we take!

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that Cunningham is an architect. What competent architect would make so many mistakes to build a hideous home like that?

However, it's been reported that Cunningham is an employee of NYC Dept. of Buildings which may explain a lot.