Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Smell of gas in the air

From 1010WINS:

Red Hook residents complain the ships at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal keep their diesel engines running to generate electricity which in turn pollutes the air for hours at a time making it difficult to breathe for some.

“You can smell the air right now, we have an overlay of diesel in the air,” one man said.

“If you drive over the Brooklyn Bridge on certain days you actually see the plume going into the air,” another man said.

Local lawmakers are calling on the city, state and utilities to find a clean air alternative and make available on-shore power and electricity to ships so that they can plug into an electrical grid at the port rather than sit idling.

“They spew noxious diesel fumes into the air the entire time they’re here,” State Sen. Daniel Squadron said.

Squadron said the money is there to supply the power to the ships but after nearly two years of negotiations it’s the maintenance and operating costs that have choked off a solution.

”It’s time to stop choking Brooklyn,” Squadron said.


Anonymous said...

Ships "plug in" --LOL
These yuppies crack me, aren't they supposed to be smart ?

A big 3000 passenger ship requires more power then the whole L train line or a small city to keep the plumbing, heat and laundry alone going "in tune"
Your talking 3-12 megawatts depending summer (AC) or winter
The power connectors would need to be as large a city buses, forget managing the cables and where to get all that power in the first place.

These ships should be required to have (and use) natural gas turbines to generate large power requirements required to get a ship ready for the next trip near populated areas.
Then again look who owns those crappy ships with 10-20 year old diesel electric locomotive engines down below.
Gorillas like Disney don't give a dam about "the little people" or environment only profit

Babs said...

I think they are just trying to appease them and are giving them false hope with the "plug in" story.

You're right - they care only about profit.

Anonymous said...

First, besides Anon#1's comment, there is a HUGE problem, if those ships engines are like most big engines that size, they are not trivial to startup, probably taking on the order of 6-8 hours of work to do so, they are just easier to keep running

Anonymous said...

Phew....when Moby Stazitsky breaks wind in Flushing...they can smell it all the way in Brooklyn!

Please keep your skirt down and your legs closed......GAG!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this covered in the Environmental Impact Statement for the passenger ship terminal on page 837?

Anonymous said...

Environmental Impact Statement ?
Those mean ZIP and are done with payola.
Big company's like Disney keep 100's of of expert lawyers on salary and do whatever they want once they get a foot in the door. (with the mayors blessing) Look at the mess these same mega company's made in Times Square.

To add most these ships (all of the Princess ships) are not registered in the United States. Its a loophole to go around taxes,inspections and emissions regulations they could never pass.
Bahamas, Panama, Bermuda
Making a slip in a residential area to dock these pieces of shit should have never happened.

Here is a list of where they are registered, lets see the mayor tell those country's to obey. --Oh wait he already own Bermuda

Anonymous said...

Where's BP Marty Markowitz on this issue. He was the cheerleader for this Terminal. It was suppose to get jobs, jobs . & more jobs.
Where are the jobs Marty. You BS Artist.
As long as Marty dosen't live in the affected neighborhood he does't really give a shit.
Another great project delivered by BP Marty.

Anonymous said...

What local jobs ?
The few local "father and son" closed mafia unions working the tugs, docks and carting ?
No job unless a member dies, your related and get "made" in.

The tour companys may have American names but the ships are under Dutch, British and Boheman command.
They employ 1500+ slaves that wear different hats. The workers live in the bottom ship barracks (one reason the ships are always running) Those people get paid in laundered Bahamian money.

These people in Brooklyn were totally duped.

Anonymous said...

"These people in Brooklyn were totally duped."

These people in Brooklyn practically begged for this terminal.When it was being built where was the community protest?

Anonymous said...

A bunch of hipsters upset that their neighborhood is turning to shit before their eyes after they priced everyone else out of it. Good for the boats. I hope they turn up their transmissions and pump more foul crap into the air. Time for the rich folks to breath in some of the fumes.

Anonymous said...

Just plant some more trees!

Helen said...

Is that "representative" Nydia Velazsquez (at least, I think that's her)at one of the pop-up podiums? Wouldn't light a match around any of those hot air emitters, it might blow up that ship in the background.