Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Liu rejects 911 modernization contract

From the NY Post:

Comptroller John Liu refused today to approve a $286 million contract to complete a five-year-old upgrade of the 911 system, contending that "some of the issues are similar to problems" encountered in the scandal-ridden CityTime project.

In a brief letter to Mayor Bloomberg, Liu said he’s concerned that the project’s cost has increased from $380 million in 2005 to $666 million "and counting."

Liu said the new IT contract with Northrup Grumman that would help establish a second 911 center to back up one that began operating at Brooklyn’s Metrotech in May 2009 includes multiple layers of contractors and a time and expense billing arrangement "which does not encourage timely completion."

But city officials insisted that most of contract is for "fixed-cost deliverables" and hourly rates only apply to selected portions of the deal.

Liu aides said he acted because the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, which is overseeing the contract, couldn’t produce documents relating to "a number of pricing issues" and couldn’t justify the cost of various hardware used in building the system.

The modernization of 911 — known as the Emergency Communications Transformation Project — is designed to centralize all call and dispatch functions of police, fire and ambulance services into one computerized system.

A spokesman for the mayor responded by saying, "We will be working with the comptroller to resolve any concerns and ensure this important project, which has already improved public safety in the city, can move forward."

The projected bill for the overall 911 modernization plan — which includes equipment, building and land acquisition costs — is $2 billion, of which $645 million has been spent.


New York said...

A strong start. Sorry, but I don't hold out much hope.

Be suspicious of politicians with dubious backgrounds who love to be in the media spotlight and dream of holding other offices if it weren't for their foreign birth (no need for the Obama comments).

It would be nice to find a pol who would serve in a humble position (like NYC comptroller) because of a desire improve the lives of the city's residents and not because he wants to make a name for himself. I'm sure we'll see that soon, in a place like the land of Oz.

Still, let's give JL some tepid applause at this point. I could be reading him all wrong.

Anonymous said...

for a research done on the birth documents of barry soetero stanley barack obama,read :THE MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT by AARON KLEIN.

Anonymous said...

"Liu-ie the liar's" latest move to keep him in the spotlight for when he runs for mayor.

The location of the existing 911 center is Metrotech in Brooklyn.

Didn't Muss Development build it?

The same Muss who built Sky View Parc in Flushing who's hooked up good in NYC politics?

H-m-m-m-m...what a daisy chain of incestuous pay to play boys that abound in NYC!

Hey Johnny boy....how's your cousin Tommy Huang and your daddy/convict Joeseph Liu...Great Eastern Bank job?

Anonymous said...

Show us your US citizenship papers Johnny!

Brian Mc said...

Probably Dem party forgeries if he has any!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2-

The Governor of Hawaii is going to have a surprise package for you guys soon. Just wait.

My advice to you, though, is keep going. The more someone like you carries on, the tougher it's going to be for legitimate challengers to President Obama to mount a campaign, and the easier it's going to be for him to win reelection. Is not wingnut paranoia grand?

Anonymous said...

Anon no 2:

"For a research?" How's the English as a Second Language classes going?

Anonymous said...

Solution: Use non-union labor to do the work.

Faster, cheaper, better quality!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2:

Do a research on Aaron Klein:


Anonymous said...

Great work Liu,keep up the good work.

Let all the naysayers take personal shots at you,in the end it will prove to be futile desperate attempts by hatemongers.

They'll find out the hard way,just like bloomberg and yassky did...

New York said...

David Yassky would been a better choice in spite of the endorsements from Koch, Schumer and so on. He smells just a little cleaner than JL.

Anonymous said...

do a research on MEDIAMATTERS...


what does the communist party U.S.A. say?

Anonymous said...

Anyone got change of a Liu Liu?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 11 --

You quoted Commie Busters in the past.

Right wing. Right Wing. Right Wing.

Aaron Klein is notorious for innaccuracy and Media Matters called him out on it. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Wow - IF (and that's a big, big IF) Liu is going to put the breaks on what I presume to be Bloomberg's many money-laundering schemes, that will really be something.

Not that I know this particular item is in fact legit or not - it's not as easy to suss out as a real estate transaction.

Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

why not detail the notorious inaccuracies of A.Klein?

please detail how media matters "called him out" on the Manchurian President book?

the Q.C. public wants to know the truth .
is J.liu mentioned at all??

Anonymous said...

You can refer to the link that I mentioned and read what's there. That's your job.

You didn't spell out what "Commie Busters" wrote.

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 16 --

Here's another link:


Anonymous said...

it is you who referenced C/B's,you" spell out"in detail as to your gripe.

i have never read any of your "links" and probably the Q.C public doesn't either.

your propaganda is not rational thinking.

ask the U.S.voters, who dismissed your 62 liberal,progressive,democrats tand your left wing philosophy from governmen,in 2010.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to read it, that's your business. Don't speak for other people though. And you're the guy who keeps bringing up the wingnut websites.

Your guys won this past election. We won the last two. And we'll win more of them as long as people like you keep dealing with crap like the birther business that is embarrassing most Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I see the Repigs (NY Neo Conartists) are pulling poop from their butt and throwing it. I know someone who works for 911 and John Liu is right. The new system continually fails. Locks down to the point the system shuts down for HOURS and they have to resort to wrighting every thing out buy hand. Chase Bank OWNS 11 Metro and would like their property back. Thats why the need to move.
The new 911 building will be in the Bronx. The tech who is installing and working on the system was heard to say with a grin,"oh I got a job for life." The training for the new system? One day..

Anonymous said...

where are the details to your demonizing. have you no decency ,comrade from the U.E.S. bike delivery boy teams.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 22 -

Try to write in English, please?

If you're complaining again about demonizing, please remember that you do more of that than anyone else around here.

I'm done here. You finish up.

Anonymous said...

RE: U.E.S. bike delivery boy.....

"we have to pass this 2000 page obamacare bill in order to see what is in it ???????"former democrat Speaker of the House,NANCY PELOSI.


Anonymous said...

Sick, Sick, Sick...

Who lives on the U.E.S.?
Who delivers anything around here except for you, who delivers all the Repub-Con cliches every day?
Who rides a bicycle?

By the way, you should get to know New York City a little better. From what I've heard, the Communists live on the U.W.S., not the U.E.S. That's where all the Manhattan Repubs live.

Anonymous said...

check the campaign contributions for bubba clinton and b.obama for the presidential election.

the U.E.S won. b.walters.gov.corzine ,wolfensohn, holbrook,etc,etc,etc.

Anonymous said...

And he won in a lot of other areas. So what?

Your obsessions are so entertaining. What a sickness.