Sunday, January 2, 2011

CB1 says no to C of O extension for hotel

From the Queens Gazette:

Members of Community Board 1 voted last week not to approve an application by controversial developer Stephen Bahar, to renew a building permit for a term of two years, for the completion of a hotel at 29-11 39th Avenue in Long Island City.

Bahar, who was not present at the December 21 meeting, applied for extension of a Certificate of Occupancy at the site of the nine-story hotel, despite claims by community activists that he has not complied with rules and regulations of the city building code.

In a written statement to the board, Bahar’s attorney, Marvin Mitzner said, “such extension is warranted in light of the substantial construction completed and substantial expenditures made in furtherance of this project.”

A spokesperson for the city Department of Buildings (DOB) said Bahar has a history of more than 50 complaints lodged against the project since 2007, including a $5,000 fine for ignoring a Stop Work Order issued as the result of a January 2010 inspection of the site.

Bahar was also cited for failing to provide elevator service for work performed 75-feet from street level and for operating a derrick without a proper certificate of approval.

Results of the community board vote were forwarded as a recommendation to Borough President Helen Marshall for her consideration. Community boards in New York City only posses powers of recommendation. Therefore, their vote cannot determine the final outcome of any issue that comes before the panel.

The application approval process will culminate with a vote by the city Board of Standards and Appeals.


Your mom said...

Too bad that the CB is just a recommendation and the Board of standards and appeals decides on their own.

Anonymous said...

THAT CB? They are a joke - the developer will make a few cosmetic changes and it will scoot through.

To give you a measure of the community, one faction, the Dutch Kills Civic, darling of the policians and city plannning, is the only civic to go on record to upzone in the city!

The other faction fighting this, Dutch Kills Advocacy Group is ignored by the pols and media.