Friday, November 12, 2010

Unlicensed contractors busted in sting

From Eyewitness News:

Consumer Affairs nabbed 14 unlicensed contractors in their most recent, multi-borough sting operation.

In one case, a contractor even bolted right after they caught him.

In other instances, the contractors were brazen enough to keep advertising, even after they were in trouble.

They were listed with the same phone number and a different name of the company.

Consumer Affairs is urging homeowners to only hire contractors who are licensed.

The most important reason why is because you'll win out in the end.


georgetheatheist said...

I had a new roof put on this summer. Complete tear-off of original shingles and 2 courses of asphalt. I was quoted $20,000 to $9,800. When I quoted one of the contractors the low-ball figure, he went from his original 11,500 quote to $9,500. I went with him, but watched like a hawk, the 4 Ecuadorians he used. Nice roof too. But YOU THE READER have got to be careful.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says...

Used a contractor very recently he has an ad in the local paper. The ad states he is licensed and insured. It was a nightmare-from beginning to end...had to watch everything he did-screws ups- just plain lazy nonsense-lousy workmanship. The list of everything they did wrong is too long to write here. But the best was when his employee needed help and he wouldnt get out of his van to assist. Wanted full payment, but the job was not finshed. Then he insults me when he says "that it is done correct to industry standards". (He does'nt know I have worked in the constrution area for 25 years). His ad in the local paper quotes the Greek philosopher Socrates "Life is meant to lived in the service of others", or something like that. The only one he is servicing is himself. Its is a joke-the guy is a bold liar-then I spoke with others he worked for they said the same thing "NEVER AGAIN-would they use this guy!!!

Just goes to show you they can still be licensed and have insurance (you have to check the limits on the insurance certificate) This guy had Utica - and my broker says they wont pay and claims unless you file a lawsuit. nd they can still be horrible, lazy and liars!!!