Friday, November 5, 2010

Springfield Gardens church destroyed by fire

From CBS 2:

Flames left the St. Mary Magdalene Church in ruins on Saturday morning in Springfield Gardens, Queens.

The wooden frame to the building and its wooden pews provided plenty to burn as the fire tore through the church overnight, only leaving its memories behind for its parishioners.

Despite the valiant efforts of about 100 firefighters from 20 units, it took just a couple of hours for the flames to consume the structure.

Only a few stained glass windows remained intact.

The building may be gone, but the community here is intact, and they’re vowing to rebuild.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


Anonymous said...

atheistgeorge says...

georgetheatheist said...

Errare est humanum.

Anonymous said...

this is too sad for words. why all the church burnings in Queens. was this in the early am hours?

the pretty wooden church on 61st St. & 38th Avenue, that burned on New Years is still not rebuilt.

Anonymous said...

that's probably because no one really ever went to it.

the church's in sunnyside are empty...except the korean mega church and jehova's witness hall.

Anonymous said...

The parish of St. Paul's Episcopal Church Woodside neglected to buy insurance for the structure, and three years after the fire, I think they are just waiting for it to fall down.

Anonymous said...

Both of these church fires were at night, when there should have been no one in the church, and few people on the street to immediately call 911, or notice a fleeing arsonist.