Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Manhattan DA won't touch Bloomberg

From the Daily News:

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. last week laid out in his clearest language yet how Mayor Bloomberg may have broken campaign finance law in funding his reelection bid last year.

Somehow, though, Vance doesn't see it as a case worth pursuing.

State law says housekeeping money can only be used for day-to-day party activities, not to benefit any specific candidate. Haggerty, though, claims he spoke directly with Bloomberg about how it would help the mayor's campaign.

Here's where it gets sticky for Bloomberg.

Haggerty's lawyers say that if Bloomberg's $1.1 million was truly a donation to the Independence Party, then prosecutors can't claim it was stolen just because they don't like how the party spent it.

In last week's filing, though, Vance scoffs at the idea Bloomberg's money was a donation to the party.

"This argument seeks to mischaracterize the nature of the transferred funds," prosecutors wrote. "Haggerty deceived Bloomberg and his staff into sending the money to pay for a fictitious ballot security operation."

If Bloomberg's $1.1 million wasn't really a party donation, it should presumably have been reported as part of his campaign spending.

"That's the conundrum here," said Dennis Vacco, one of Haggerty's lawyers. "It's either a contribution or it's an expenditure."

Bloomberg even filed a state Board of Elections form called a CF-16 promising that "all financial activity related to my campaign, including my own," would go through his official Bloomberg for Mayor 2009 campaign.

That's not what happened, though.

Vance and his office will not comment on why - or whether - they haven't tried to pursue a case against Bloomberg.

However, the law about housekeeping accounts is mushy and much-abused.

Bloomberg has some very high-powered lawyers who could presumably explain to Vance how all their decisions fell just inside the loopholes.

A freshman prosecutor with big visions for the future, taking over from a legend like Robert Morgenthau, might have balked at starting his tenure by bringing a difficult case against a popular mayor.

Popular? The guy almost lost.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Watch my youtube series: google Suzannah B. Troy Bloomberg Haggerty Cy Vance. I called up Vance's Public Integrity Hotline and reported Bloomberg and Quinn - gave them articles and video documentation in Quinn's case.

Ari Ronston, Inside the Secret Campaign of Mike Bloomberg. The article says Vance doesn't have what it takes to apply the law.

Wayne Barrett. Title of his piece Bloomberg broke campaign laws. His article points out it is a Misdemeanor A which carries jail time also title of one of my tube

Anonymous said...

And how come Cuomo is giving Paladino a pass at hiring and keeping Haggerty on staff?

Anonymous said...

The DA is too busy prosecuting possesion of marijuana cases as a result of illegal stop and frisks/search and seizure of people in Washington Square park.


Jerry Rotondi said...

As Clint Eastwood might say, "Slip that loophole around Bloomberg's neck and hang him high!"

(Heh, heh, heh....it's only intended as satire your honor....so there's no need to put the cops on me).

P.S. Mike....
I just voted to reinstate term limits you crook!

Anonymous said...

And why is bro Bart who ended up with the money working for a councilman and trotting around with Queen Quinn

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much money Bloomburg paid Vance for no prosecution. Must have been a small fortune. Vance is bought and paid for by the Bloomburg Administration.

kingofnycabbies said...


The last sentence of this article left out the following phrase: "(popular among the chattering classes and fellow fat cat publishers)."

The Daily News regrets any confusion arising from this elision.

Anonymous said...

Cy Vance takes it up the ass for Bloomberg.

Sarah said...

I stated back when Bloomberg endorsed Coumo that he just paid his get out of jail fee. Boss Tweed would be very proud.

Anonymous said...

Hevesi no jail time Also

Crime pays in New York
When you are rich and connected

Can anyone say Steve Rattner

Anonymous said...

They all have been paid off to shut their mouths.

Bloomberg The Dictator.

Anonymous said...

yes, Bloomberg bought his get out of jail card. fuckkkkkkkk

neversleep said...

As much as you hate Bloomberg, the fact that he won a third term even after the term-limit coup speaks to his popularity.

Keep in mind that this year's early Election Night coverage was only up against a "Glee" rerun.

We tend to forget stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

"As much as you hate Bloomberg, the fact that he won a third term even after the term-limit coup speaks to his popularity."

500,000 people voted in a city of over 8 million and he won by 2%.

Yeah, popular...