Monday, November 8, 2010

It will get worse before it gets better

From the NY Post/AP:

ALBANY — New York’s hard times just got harder.

The Paterson administration says closing the latest deficit may require cuts of perhaps 1 percent in every area including a midyear cut in school aid.

Budget Director Robert Megna says the $315 million shortfall in the current budget must be addressed by Dec. 31. That’s when Paterson’s term ends and Andrew Cuomo, a fellow Democrat, takes office.

In January, the state Senate may also be in Republican hands pending a recount of votes from Tuesday.

The state fiscal year ends March 31. The 2011-12 fiscal year is now projected to have a $9 billion deficit.

Megna says one reason for the latest deficit is that the poor economy has driven 4.9 million New Yorkers into the Medicaid health care system, compared to 4.2 million in 2007.


Anonymous said...

These people are morons it is the Illegals and their offspring that are overloading the Medicaid health care system.
No politician has the balls to say it

Anonymous said...

No surprise there, New York for the most part is a cesspool of poverty, NYC should break away and become a separate state from NY.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out you bleeping stevie wonder head swaying ex Governor.

-Joe said...

The incoming Governor is gonna be worse. Cuomo runs with the the East Hampton limousine liberal crowd. All those TV and Hollywood liberals use illegal labor to staff their houses, restaurant's and pool decks

Anonymous said...

These people are morons it is the Illegals and their offspring that are overloading the Medicaid health care system.

Agreed: Most folks don't realize the burden illegals have on our State system. In addition to health care, there is schooling, Police, Sanitation that they receive free, never pay taxes and don't have background profiles to haunt them (criminal history from back home stays there).

Anonymous said...

There is a host of areas that cuts can come from and they start at the State Pension and employee staffing. Cut, Cut Cut!

Eliminate illegals from access to any services, including drivers licenses and obtaining insurance in NYS. Make it a crime to do so if unable to produce a birth certificate or green resident card.

Crack down on common law spouses that work and don't pay child support to those on welfare. Eliminate Medicare for those under a certain age and of sound health.

Reduce rates to Nursing homes and review licenses for Nursing homes that abuse over-billing and practices that generate charges to NYS.

Raise SUNY tuition across the board for those who pay little or no taxes or provide school-fare work to subsidy new increases.

State spending per county and capita should be proportionately returned to those same areas.

Grants to charities with ties to POLS should be disallowed. Dissolve the 900 Sate authorities which are nothing but lucrative fiefs for the Governor's supporters. This alone is draining billions of your tax dollars. Drill for GAS in the Catskills and elsewhere taking 40% cut - raise billions in this way as other states are employing.

A Better NYC said...

This headline is very misleading.

Nothing ever gets better in New York State.

It just keeps getting worse and worse and worse and worse...

Patrick Sweeney said...

Expect California and New York to go into uncharted constitutional waters, they will write checks that will not bounce and demand the federal government them out.

In a bankruptcy, you have an orderly pre-determined ranking of who gets paid and for the folks who don't get paid, they can't sue to get paid.

In the bankruptcy of GM, bond holders had claims which were preempted, so if you believe in "Hope and Change", and hope that taxpayers in Texas are going to pay for the pensions of New York's and California's teachers who retired 10 years ago. Andrew Cuomo and Jerry Brown are hoping to change that.

gov. arnold schwarzenegger said...

Ach, der bleeping Schteevie wunder head schvaying ex Governor. Hahr-hahr. Anudder gut von. Vait I vill be an ex von too!

Anonymous said...

In ten years, you will only have the very rich and the very poor in NYC. All the middle class people are moving to states with smaller tax burdens. Can't blame them. They are tired of paying for all the illegals who drain our system and tax revenues. Deport them all and watch the NYC economy pick up. It won't happen because Democrats want their job security and give everything to the illegals and nothing to honest citizens.

A Better NYC said...

In addition, the middle class is also getting screwed by paying for the crazy union demands that our politicians have agreed to in exchange for votes.

I wish I was union janitor make $175K.

Unions block any attempts to promote competition or privatization.

Cops and firemen are retiring at 50years old, moving out of the state and then making $150K a year for the rest of their lives.

The MTA employees 50% more people than it needs.

Teachers can't be fired...even the ones who don't teach.

Unfortunately no politician has the balls to say "Enough is enough"

This system won't last forever.

Anonymous said...

as soon as the forced obamacare law is effective in 2014, the N.Y.S. MEDICARE( WELFARE) SYSTEM will be forced to enroll millions of illegal aliens and freeloaders.

and your taxes will increase.


obamacare must be defunded obama out in 2012.

Anonymous said...

"It won't happen because Democrats want their job security and give everything to the illegals and nothing to honest citizens."



Anonymous said...

I wish I was union janitor make $175K.

I think you're watching Fox News a wee bit too much there sonny. I don't know ANY union janitor that makes more than 45K.

Can YOU survive in NYC with one job making all of 45K?


Anonymous said...

I believe there are more illegal than legal aliens, honestly with anchor children. Guarantee any and ALL aliens are getting food stamps and have Medicaid cards, not including WIC and free meals at schools. The middle income families are too poor to fight [who would listen?] and the rich only worry if there taxes will go up. I for one will be encouraging my fellow New Yorkers to report any and all illegal activity, that includes informing on others, yes, or may I say "getting involved" and improve your quality of life!.

GL said...

Sometimes I wonder if it's just the same person replying to themselves anonymously. I'd love it blogger could log and post the IPs of every comment.