Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Washington Square Park mess

Curbed has the story of the Washington Square Park contractor getting the run around from the Parks Department.

...the Parks Department is in charge of the second stage of the park's controversial renovation, originally scheduled for an October completion. And there is apparently serious beef between those Parks Department suits and the Tucci team, the lead contractor on the project. The Villager received some alarming e-mails from Tucci boss Anthony Martucci regarding the park's progress, or lack thereof.

Millions of dollars wasted to line up the fountain with the arch...but there's no money for Flushing Meadows...


Anonymous said...

There never was and never will be money for flushing meadows, unless the USTA or other event developers provide it.

velvethead said...

Being a contractor myself, I'd just as soon take a bullet in the head then do a public (city) job.