Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Taxpayers footing tweeders' tweeding fees

From the NY Post:

In a move that has infuriated some City Council members, lawmakers' new Progressive Caucus will use taxpayer money to pay annual dues -- a privilege not granted to any other caucus, The Post has learned.

Each member of the 12-person group, which comprises the most liberal council members, will pay $2,500 annually to hire a staffer and buy office supplies, sources said.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is not a member of the caucus, approved the new arrangement, but refused to lend the progressives an employee from her own staff, as she does with the Black Latino & Asian Caucus, the sources said.

"Why don't they just use their [existing] staff? Why are they double-dipping?" fumed one member who is not on the Progressive Caucus. "They're using taxpayer money to support a liberal viewpoint."

Quinn spokesman Jamie McShane said, "The pooling of individual expense budgets by members for legislative work in accordance with council procurement rules is appropriate."

In other words, we taxpaying schmucks are paying their tweeding fees. The Queens members of the caucus are Daniel Dromm, Julissa Ferreras and James Van Bramer.

Here's an editorial from the NY Post:

Now, how exclusionary, race- and ethnicity-based "caucuses" qualify for tax dollars is a mystery; one needn't wonder how willing Quinn would be to fund a White Caucus to understand that.

Not at all, is the answer -- and she'd be correct.

But she shouldn't be ponying up to assist ideological separatism, either -- especially since the subsidy, like the progressive caucus itself, is meant to underwrite partisan political activity.

Again, the money is so small it really isn't the issue here.

But the principle is important: If council members feel the need to form little cliques, they should pay for them out of their own pockets.


Deke DaSilva said...

The Queens members of the caucus are Daniel Dromm, Julissa Ferreras and James Van Bramer.

Wow! The 3 former "smart kids"!!

The ones that went to Stuyvesant High School and took AP Calculus, Physics, and Latin!!

The 3 geniuses that will develop an alternative energy source to fossil fuels, cure cancer, and make the trains run on time!!

They are worth EVERY penny that us taxpayers are paying them!

Just think where the NYC unemployment rate would be without them!

They do so MUCH for society!!


Vote 'em out!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Black, Latino and Asian Caucus? WTF is that? A gang to go after the whites!

Deke DaSilva said...

A gang to go after the whites!


I wonder who they will extort money from when they achieve their ultimate goal of "majority minority" in this country?

Enjoy the decline, fellow Romans!

Julius Caesar said...

Et tu, Brute!

Anonymous said...

there is a man ,michael voris s.t.b.,who has researched the hi-jacking of contributions of catholic church worshipers for forty years.
his five tape expose names the groups affiliated with saul alinsky (reveille for radicals 1947,rules for radicals 1971).
this expose is entitled"ALINSKYISM IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH".and can be heard on WWW.NEW ZEAL.BLOGSPOT.COM
His research estimates that in forty years,$280,000,000.00 has been diverted by mostly homosexual officials in the church to fund groups opposed to Catholic,homosexual marriage,and abortion.

this city council"progressive caucus" taxpayer fund diversion has similar characteristics.don't you concur?

Anonymous said...

And you have similar characteristics to a bigot.

velvethead said...

As long as the NYC populus as a whole continues to vote Socialist, I sorry, I mean Democratic,you can rest assure this will continue to be the norm. Can't get a job in the real world? Then be employed by the "Gubment".

Anonymous said...

if you click "PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS" it shows the N.Y.Times article on this topic. Click"STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES".

I quote"this includes a commitment to MARRIAGE EQUALITY for LGBT couples,REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS for
women,Full municipal privileges and responsibilities regardless of IMMIGRATION STATUS,and strengthening diversity in public institutions."


it reads like homosexual marriage and pro-abortion,is the agenda of the PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS.

and your taxes will fund them.

call your CM and have them expose this "caucus".

Anonymous said...

In the NY Times articles near the end it reads ""That kind of internal dynamism may turn out to be good for the Council, and even for Ms. Quinn, especially if she runs for mayor in 2013 and needs to tend to the liberal base of her party"" Lord help us... There is no politician more dangerous then a progressive **** i despise progressives so much. Whats worse is that Quinn is lesbian. A lesbian mayor would leave us at the mercy of homosexual school indoctrination of minors as in Mississippi and California.