Friday, September 17, 2010

State's voting machine choice under federal scrutiny

From the Daily News:

The snafus that marred Tuesday's debut of electronic voting machines should have been no surprise - because the switchover was messed up from the start.

It was driven by partisan politics and drenched in money from the machine-makers, which paid politically connected lobbyists hundreds of thousands of dollars to help win New York business.

It's also the subject of a federal criminal investigation.

Even as voters and poll workers struggled with the machines Tuesday, a source said the Manhattan U.S. attorney's office is still probing how the city Board of Elections picked Election Systems & Software to supply 6,500 machines for $52 million - plus millions more for consultants.

The city and state elections boards - which are appointed by Democratic and Republican leaders - were heavily lobbied by manufacturers during all those years.


Joe said...

This is no doubt BS it was really bad in the Little Neck area. John Duane got screwed out of 1000's of votes.
Most the old people who didn't know how to use the machines were treated hostile by the DMV types running the show or could no longer take the standing waiting out the delays thrown at them.

Places like the N Shore towers, Valarie Arms, had all the good help and in some cases even free transportation buses, bagels and coffee to bring them to vote.

I think this is criminal and a re-vote should be done. What a despicable bunch of motherF&#@kers

Louis Flores said...

I voted, and my ballot wouldn't go into the vote counting scanning machine. After 2 tries, the poll worker just jammed my ballot in upside down. I hope the scanning machines are capable of scanning and automatically detecting that ballots can sometimes be scanned upside down by frustrated poll workers. Isn't technology supposed to make life easier ? Or is technology only meant to rig election results easier ?

Snake Plissskin said...

Hey welcome to 21st century New York as run by a circa 1930s Democratic Machine:

basement apartments
public corruption
no zoning
exploited immigrants
paper ballots stuffed into boxes.

And they wonder where the Tea Party comes from....

Anonymous said...

The whole scenario was a sham. It must be redone. I almost left in the middle of it from frustration. Some of the people working there were very rude to some elderly voters. It was apparent to me they didn't want to be there and some of them could hardly speak English to educate someone how to get through this.

I refuse to believe all of these incumbents won again. I didn't vote for a single one of them and I know many people that weren't going to vote for them either. I guess this is exactly why this was rigged. To get them back in again to maintain the status quo. I feel like I'm living in some Communist Manifesto here. Sorry state of affairs in Queens.

Anonymous said...

How about privacy?

The workers stand over your shoulder and watch? Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

"How about privacy?
The workers stand over your shoulder and watch? Bullshit."

How about the number on your ballot and on your card, that you signed, match!!!!

Anonymous said...

This new system affords the voter no privacy. What if after you mark your ballot, you realize you filled in the wrong circle? At least with the old system, you could maneuver the levers and step back and look everything over before you pulled the lever. The poll workers were pretty much instructing people how to vote. This is a very dangerous system because people were unfamiliar with it and the poll workers orchestrated the votes.

Belle Lugosi said...


-Joe said...

Almost all the confused people were "guided" to vote for Braunstein.

Most those election people were welfare brats straight from the unemployment office.
The same scumbag incimbants trained them for this temparary job. The people working the board of elections know its back to food stamps, free living, and money.
Why the F_ in the world would they allow "change" to F_ up the sweet deal they have

Anonymous said...

i read the Board of Elections (it is as easy as 1-2-3) instruction sheet ten minutes before i voted.
it was very clear and simple. i had no problems casting my vote.
maybe you did not have this sheet or you did not read it correctly. all the problems commented on here were answered on the sheet.

maybe it is time to test the voters for their intelligence, in order to vote. you should be ashamed of your ignorance.

sorry, i usually do not write so bluntly,but this is scary.

braunstein had crews of carpenter union members working for his election this week.the fix is in....

Anonymous said...

"maybe you did not have this sheet"


You mean the one the woman attendant was reading from?

Anonymous said...

it was mailed to all registered voters prior to the election. it has your ED.and AD numbers on it.

it was printed in english,spanish and mandarin......

and it tells where your poll is located.

Anonymous said...

In Forest Hills, there is a large Bukharian community that almost unanimously supports Sasson.

Yet somehow Toby Stavisky still pulled ahead in many of the neighborhood's poll sites.

There should be a recount.