Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quinn wants tickertape parade for Iraq vets

From Fox 5:

New York City has thrown ticker-tape parades along the Canyon of Heroes for the Yankees and Giants in recent years. So what about a parade for some real heroes?

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said she would like the city to honor the thousands of local heroes who have served in Iraq. But the question is when? Even though the military has pulled out big combat brigades from Iraq and President Obam declared major combat operations over, about 50,000 troops remain in harm's way in Iraq until at least the end of 2011.

Speaker Quinn, who did not support the war in Iraq, said a parade would not be about politics -- it would simply be the right thing to do to show appreciation for the sacrifice of so many Americans. She said she and Mayor Michael Bloomberg would work with veterans' groups to make the parade a reality at the appropriate time.


Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by the NYC govt, but do appreciate gestures like this.

Anonymous said...

About time Quinn and Bloomy talk about doing the righ thing and it actualy is the right thing. Lets see if it comes to fruition

georgetheatheist said...

Would someone please re-design the American soldiers uniform? It's too baggy and the shirt-out look appears slovenly.

KG2V said...

those uniforms are not "dress" but combat uniforms - they are not meant to LOOK good, they are meant to be functional - like crawling around on the ground etc. They are designed to be worn under "Personal Protective Equipment" (bulletproof vests) and with all the "battle rattle" attached

To look good, they wear class A uniforms

Sarah said...

Let's see first she supported the lights on for Mother Teresa now the troops, what's next will she actually obey the law and defend the constitution she swore to uphold. I guess the campaign has begun!

Anonymous said...

These men and women deserve a parade!

GL said...

I'd like a parade when all the troops from iraq are back.

A parade now would look like we put iraq behind us and forgot about the soldiers still there.

Some form of thanks would be good right now but not a parade.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Quinn wants a photo op.

Anonymous said...

It's a great idea but I always question Chrissy Quinn's motives.

She's proven to be nothing but an opportunist considering how many times she's gone down on her boss Bloomberg's dick just to remain politically on top.

It sounds to me like more of a PR move to put her in a favorable light when she eventually runs against John Liu in the next mayoral race.

That's right....JOHN LIU!

What did you think he's be content to be called Mr. Comptroller forever?

After that Johnny boy's eyes have been fixed on D.C.

Maybe in the future Mr. President is in the cards for him.

And why not...we'll be deeding the USA to China a decade from now since they already own a huge chunk of our debt.

We'll soon find ourselves saying, "Shei shei" soon and puckering up our lips (just like Liu) to Communist leaders.

"Goodbye American pie...drove my Chevy to the levee..watched it hit bottom then die".

Anonymous said...

There has to be something in this for her. She is not doing this out of the goodness in her heart........

Anonymous said...

And if she is, so what? She's doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

according to the daily iraq bombings and deaths,that war is not over.
honoring are troops is admirable,but the victory lap is premature.

besides were not most of the dems. in government for the war ,before they were against it ?

Anonymous said...

ISNT IT funny that I cant think of one queens elected in the Queens Demacratic Party thats a veteran if i am wrong please tell me.

Anonymous said...

What even more bizarre is that the three biggest wars ths queens dem party launched were against veterans

Frank Padavan

serph maltese

and Hiram monseratte
all veterans

and the largest insurgency groups from within the queens dem party were veterans
Issac Sasson
john messner
Elio Forcina
Nick Comaianni
Tom cooke all veterans
i guess veterans dont make good hacks must be the honesty and honor thats instilled in the military