Thursday, September 9, 2010

Purves and Thomson: Will someone PLEASE take care of this mess?

"I think you featured this a while back but the wooden fence surrounding this open lot is broken again (and has been for more than a week).
[Yes I have and so has Miss Heather...]

Fifteen foot drop into the pit." - anonymous
Oh look, a stop work order exists here since 2008... for the fence. And those pieces of tape on the permit indicate they've been socked by Sanitation several times as well.

You'd think the new residents of LIC would do something about this. After all, weren't we told by several commenters here that their "new wealth" would bring better city services?

If this site were in the ghetto (or even in the old LIC), there would have been a guerrilla planting effort with murals painted on the walls. In a few months, the electeds would have been allocating funding toward keeping it a community garden.

Instead, new wealth has brought us Queens Crap. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Happy to be of service. I for one am fond of the stray strap on dildo I found on Dutch Kills street back in April. A little more scenery for Scarano's balconies. Among other things:

Miss H

Anonymous said...

I am glad someone besides me is complaining about the status os stalled construction sites here in LIC. This fence and this area is DANGEROUS. There are more sites than this. The absentee developers don't follow the rules and the community suffers BIGTIME. All NYC is ticket small fish, but the fish never get what they deserve.

The Long Island City Native

Anonymous said...

I live on Purves. We actually do use that lot. It is a dog park, there have been sculptures placed in the middle of the night, there is a really cool painting of a forest with a creature peeking out from behind a tree and a plane flying overhead. Most currently it has hosted a campfire/ fire pit. And we did flower seed bomb the lot back in April. There are small saplings taking root... I agree that it could be more, but then again, it could be the home of a 50 story hotel ( a recent rumor). But I like it.

Anonymous said...

I heard they did (miraculously) fix the fence again this week. Will check it out and report back if not true.

Maybe some high-powered resident at ARRIS Lofts actually looked across the street and complained?