Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let's discuss the mosque!

The above video was posted because a Russian lady had the balls to ask Bloomberg if he can sleep at night. Love it!

Anyway, you might be wondering why we haven't really gotten into the mosque debate on the blog. It's certainly not because we are afraid of discussing controversial subjects. The real reason is because if you look past all the "freedom of religion"/"Muslims are terrorists" rhetoric, there is something more freaky going on. We were just waiting for it to all unfold and be exposed, because we knew in good time it would. Of course the media uncovers facts but then chooses to ignore them because inflammatory statements make better quotes and soundbites and they have all been hopelessly brainwashed that protest becomes evil when people they disagree with are doing it. It also feeds their deluded egos to have discussions with their like-minded colleagues about how they are superior beings because they have succeeded in being "open-minded free-thinkers" and have risen above the level of the Neanderthals opposed to this project who are unfortunately their fellow Americans.

Now, let's take a good look at the non-Muslim-centric issues surrounding this so we can understand what this is really all about.

1) The site of the proposed project was considered historic until Bloomberg said it wasn't. It had been calendared by the Landmarks Commission for more than 20 years. Calendaring of a property is generally rare, which is why the LPC usually only reserves it for properties it plans to designate. It is a phase of the process which prevents alteration or demolition until the LPC has a chance to go through the final motions of designating the building as an official landmark. Because the LPC is so short-staffed, many calendared buildings are put on the back burner for many years. It was only when Bloomberg called Robert Tierney to take it off the list in order to advance this project that the LPC cleared its calendar and held a hearing and - unanimously - found that it had "no architectural value". (Yes, it had NO architectural value, which is why it was put on the list to begin with...) So all the B.S. that you've heard from Bloomberg and Tierney over the years about the LPC being an autonomous body and that despite the fact that the mayor appoints all the members of the board, he doesn't interfere with the body's functioning, is pure bullshit. Note how Bloomberg already had a lengthy speech prepared just a short while after the vote, along with a planned photo op featuring a diverse collection of religious leaders...

And think about this...who purchases a calendared building with the intent to tear it down? No one. Not unless they have secured the assurance of the City government that the designation will fail. And yes, designation would have prevented the "mosque" from being built (Hey Bloomie, we thought it wasn't a mosque?), because the owners have said the demolition of the buildings is necessary in order for the project to proceed. And the City had every right to designate the buildings, as they have for countless other religious structures. The City's right to do so was held up by the Supreme Court long ago.

2) This is really about milking this property for all it's worth. The owners mysteriously purchased the site at a bargain basement price and already are hinting at flipping it for an inflated value.

3) It has been revealed that the imam is a slumlord, the developer is behind on his tax payments and owes lots of money on building fines. Yet it has also been reported that as a 501C3 organization, they will seek City financing for this project. The slumlord/tax deadbeat/building scofflaw status of the main players would likely automatically disqualify them from such funding if they were building anything other than this. Yet it is matter-of-factly being reported that John Liu will sign off on the funding. That's right, once again, we'll be the suckers who end up paying for it.

So we have the government bending over backwards to get a religious structure built at a controversial site despite the overwhelming public sentiment against it. Do you also smell tweeding?

Quite frankly, just considering #3 alone makes us wonder why anyone would protest on these folks' behalf or defend their "right" to build, let alone someone counting on getting re-elected. Obviously, the lame-brained politicians that represent this City think they can hide from scrutiny about their role in this project if they wrap themselves in the flag and the Constitution. And judging by the reaction we see from the media, they will probably get away with it.



Anonymous said...

who cares? we have more important things to worry about, like the 11MM jobs that went POOF in the last 3 yrs. are they being insensitive about putting it there? sure. but Im sure they got a sweet deal.

JO said...

sooooooooooo..... business as usual? with just the 9/11 thing thrown in to make it a bit more complicated.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder when a slime ball like Bloomberg gets in the mix. why wasn't he screaming to keep St. Vincent's Hospital open, (& St. Clare's Aid's hospice, St. John's in Jamaica) why isn't he screaming about all the homeless people who need decent affordable housing?
me thinks Doomberg will be making money on this well reported deal and gets to pit the raddy-rads against the teapotters, the usual divide and conquer BS.
keep em at each other's throats so they can't fight the power.
don't believe the hype.
where was Gloomberg screaming when Catholic schools and churches were closing? where was he in the fight to save St. Brigid's?

shut up Doomberg, rot in hell. where was he on 9/11? in the counting house?

JO said...

do you really think it's about him making money? he has enough.
I think it's more about him acting for his friends and being out of touch with the working and lower class. to him, homeless and poor are just a percentage.

Anonymous said...

I wish the uproar over closing St. Vincent's had been as great as the one surrounding the mosque.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece Crappy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wrapping themselves up in the American Flag and the Constitution, is that not what all politicians do nowadays? Ah, I've witnessed CB 7 do it every time they approve a Development Project. I guess it is part of the training for Government Officials. However, when you disagree with Dennis Ring, (Councilman Hallorans Chief of Staff) after getting an opinon from Robert Freeman from the Committee for Open Government of the State Department. Mr. Ring calls the Citizen Taxpayer UNDEMOCRATIC!! UNDEMOCRATIC, of course he is "Democratic", he represents the Councilman.

This Mosque thing is ridiculous at this point. If there really is nothing that can be done, and if our Elected Officials did not pull a fast one once again (HIGHLY DOUBTFUL) then maybe the first floor of this Mosque can be a 9-11 Memorial Museum along the lines of the Holocaust Museum, a somber, respectful place focusing on the attrocities of that day and other attrocities commited by Religious Fanatics.



Anonymous said...

Next time one of your lefty friends gets in your face for not supporting "religious freedom" (a constitutional right which they always seem to believe should be suspended when Christianity and Judaism are involved), recite this post to them. Then calmly walk away with a smile as they sit there dumbfounded, left without a comeback. Because quite frankly, there is none.

Anonymous said...

I was deeply suspicious when Bloomberg came out with that first speech with Quinn (as usual) behind him as a total photo op for her, but I had no idea this was really going on.

I find this troubling to live in a city where democracy means NOTHING by the people that are in power today. All of this greed. All of this deception. All of this corruption. All of this spin. It's like a bad dream we are living in this city.


I find no other way to stop these deals that put our taxes at risk. Our taxes are ALWAYS being put at risk with this mayor as our middle class is being destroyed and our jobs have disappeared in droves.

This is criminal behavior, plain and simple with what's going on with this building site. And to purposely divide people along religious lines is immoral.

Anonymous said...

the ny post photo on sunday of the pro-mosque" rent a crowd" appeared to be college age persons. the signs carried seemed professionally produced. i noticed with a magnifying glass only one lady wearing the muslim babushka head cloth.

is that not strange that most of the group were not brown skinned .

the rest of the story will be exposed soon.

Anonymous said...

is that not strange that most of the group were not brown skinned .

To explain this, a word from the book of Ted:

"Those who are most sensitive about "politically incorrect" terminology are not the average black ghetto-dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom do not even belong to any "oppressed" group but come from privileged strata of society.

Many leftists have an intense identification with the problems of groups that have an image of being weak (women), defeated (American Indians), repellent (homosexuals), or otherwise inferior. The leftists themselves feel that these groups are inferior. They would never admit it to themselves that they have such feelings, but it is precisely because they do see these groups as inferior that they identify with their problems."

Anonymous said...

oh stop the bull, activist fight for those that can't fight themselves. Damn, right-wingers are fucking stupid. all the faces in the tea=bagger movement are white. what the fuck does that mean?

Deke DaSilva said...

all the faces in the tea=bagger [sic] movement are white. what the fuck does that mean?

If the Left/Democrats set up a special trough for you to feed from, would you kill the goose that lays the golden egg?

Why would the non-white Tweeds want to protest against big government intruding into every god damn aspect of our lives? Why would they protest against taxes?

It would mean they'd have to actually wipe their own asses for the first time in their lives....

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is such crap. Have any of you looked at that building? It's about as historic as yesterday's unflushed shit. You'll have to do better than that if you want to find a pretextual reason to be against the project.

Queens Crapper said...

Spoken like an ass who couldn't read past #1.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Christians, Catholics, and Jews all open hospitals that help serve the community (for as long as they financially can, of course). A lot of these religious groups also sometimes run and maintain homeless shelters and kitchens

I have yet to notice any Muslim hospitals, however. Or public food and housing for the homeless. Perhaps if they built a hospital there, or a shelter, that would serve more than just their own needs, it would be more receptive to the community?

Wolfgar said...

"oh stop the bull, activist fight for those that can't fight themselves."

Are you kidding me? Keep believing that and fight the good fight. LOL. I've found most activist either are misguided or have a hidden agenda...say like using that they were an activist to run for office.

"Damn, right-wingers are fucking stupid. all the faces in the tea=bagger movement are white."

Right wing-Left wing. Same difference. And more then just white people are in the tea party movement. You'd know that if you weren't just educated by the talking heads in the media.

Helen said...

Funny how Mayor Bloomers has suddenly discovered the Constitution of the U.S.A. re: The First Amendment yet he cares absolutely nothing about the Second Amendment.

And why doesn't Mario's son Andrew (supposed to be the Attorney General and would like to be Governor of New York State as if it's his Birthright) investigate these people? Plenty of Laws have been broken so why is this "imam" allowed to get away with anything?

These politicians are the worst OF the worst.

Silly little Bloomie waving the Constitution around should be evicted and sent back to Boston but they probably don't want him there either.

Anonymous said...

Hey queenscrap why can't we see the post a comment option at the bottom of this post? One has to go to the links section in order to see the post a comment icon.

Anonymous said...

It has become necessary to unite and form a revolt. The non existent Middle Class of New York, that are jumping from one job to another just to keep the white picket fence need to get up an off their asses. Take a stand and let these criminals know that you have had enough. Vote them all out of office and if the new ones become the same sellout, selfish, land grabbing criminals vote them out as well.

There is no Middle Class in New York anymore it is a Working Class that is quickly losing that classification as well. We need to get to the polls and do something about it.


Anonymous said...

None of the preceding posts cite Bloomy's investments in Dubai. He is opening offices there and must be getting special treatment from the Islamists who run the place which was built with slave labor. Mr.B's net worth has grown from 6 billion to around 12-14 billion in recent years while just plain folks have seen their retirement nest eggs vanish and home equity shrink. All this landmark shuffling under Mr. B's control is benefitting Islamists and Mr. B's personal wealth. How hypocritical it is to hire 750 traffic agents to squeeze $ out of citizens while he supports a building that will pay no taxes

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the economic state of things in Dubai lately? They won't be the luxury state they've been for very much longer.