Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Furmanville farmhouse gets a neighbor

Your Crapmaster braced myself as I approached the Furmanville farmhouse recently. Last I remembered, the plan was for it to be stuccoed, and its lot subdivided.
I have to say, I didn't feel bile creeping up my esophagus as I had expected. The stucco is actually pretty tasteful, and although the once-green lawn next to it was built on, it's not the ugliest McMansion in the borough, nor does it dwarf its historic neighbor.
It does pretty much fill up the entire lot, however. And it looks like a lovely mature tree met its maker for this project. Hope the owners of the surrounding properties have flood insurance.

Here's the original farmhouse and lawn:

And here are the trees in full bloom.


cherokeesista said...

Is it just me?? I think the original house is Beautiful:) What a shame:(

Anonymous said...

Take a look across the street.THere used to be 1 large and 1 small old farmhouse.Look at the crap there.And yes,the builder(Fabian) cut down 4 very old trees......and was never fined!

Anonymous said...

All the rain runoff from that McMansion - it doesn't seem to be headed into gutters and leaders. The neighbors should take up a collection to get them built out of a sense of self-preservation.

It is really the case that you can build wall-to-wall on 100% of the lot?

Anonymous said...

Heaven help this city.