Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flushing Art Deco building to become hotel?

I snapped this from a car passing east bound on the south side of Northern Blv'd. just off Union St. (west side) in Flushing yesterday.

There is this great old art deco building that was originally. I believe, the headquarters of the North Shore (Daily?) Journal.

It looks like a hotel is going to replace it judging from the advertising banner on the side of that building.

I'll try to find out more.

- The Flushing Phantom


Gary the Agnostic said...

Yes. The Flushing Daily Journal, a very good newspaper that merged with the Long Island Daily Star to become the Long Island Star-Journal. The sign identifying the newspaper is still on the building --it's on the cornice, but it has been covered over. This might be the last surviving building that housed a Queens daily newspaper.

Anonymous said...

No doubt CB 7 will approve the building of another new hotel.

Chuck & Gene:
"It's as of right".

Sorry you two low flying sellouts.
It's as of wrong!

Anonymous said...

Yep....more congestion due to overbuilding in an area that's about to lose its major public parking facilty.

Nice job community bored!

Anonymous said...

Actually I think the sign that's covered by the awning reads "North Shore...." not Flushing.

If I can find my photo of it, I'll send it in.

Gary the Agnostic said...

They had several different names on their masthead including North Shore.

There was also a second paper in Flushing for many years -- the Daily Times.

At various times in the 20th Century there were at least four daily papers in Queens - the Daily Star, the Long Island Press (how many of the older people here delivered the Press at one point or another?), the Daily Times, and the Queens Evening News. In addition, the Brooklyn Eagle made a big effort at getting read in Queens as well.

Anonymous said...

This is two spots from the Flushing Armory which houses the NYPD's Queens North Task Force. How long before they are moved out of this location, and the Armory is torn down for a luxury high rise/hotel?

Anonymous said...

the L.I.Press and the Star Journal both sponsored senior basketball leagues in the 1950-60'S. i played for teams in both leagues.

the Flushing Armory was used by the St. John's basketball program, prior to building the campus gym in 1956. i also played there.
the coaches were joe lapchick and froshman coach jack kaiser.

those were the days my friend,we thought they would never end.(sing along with Archie) ,YOU DINGBATS.......

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw Steve Chon's name on one of the permits.