Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eastern Queens whorehouses are news to Dan

From the Queens Tribune:

The Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Whitestone has some pretty unorthodox neighbors.

Recent prostitution busts netted three ladies of the night working out of local rental houses, two women at 47-12 210th St. in Bayside, and one at 150-12 11th Ave., next door to the church, according to information from City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone). Police are investigating a third house in Auburndale.

Tenants of the Bayside house have since been evicted.

“It’s very unusual to find this going on in residential houses,” Halloran said. “This is kind of a different take on an old problem, I suppose you could say. We’ve, of course, seen this throughout the city in massage parlors.”

The church was unaware of the situation, according to a source who did not wish to be identified, but neighbors in Bayside noticed the unusual activity.

“The ‘customers’ come and go all day and night,” said Michael McCormack in an e-mail to the Queens Tribune, before the eviction. “These men are fairly easy to spot. They come alone, usually park around the corner on 47th Avenue and walk to the house holding a cell phone to their ear.”

“I, for one, will not tolerate a whore house on my block,” he added. “My family has lived on this block for 50 years. I grew up here and together with my wife intend to raise our son here.”

How interesting that the Trib is investigating complaints about prostitution! And Dan - this going on in residential houses is not "very unusual". Wake up, man.


Anonymous said...

neighbors were about to report commercial use of a basement at a two family attached (absentee landlord) dwelling at 40-12 203 street ,Bayside.
constant van activity,loading and unloading 4' x 3' boxes daily was observed.

but rumors are spreading that last week that the F.B.I. closed them down for marketing and storing knockout gucchi products. the tenants have since scattered. probably illegal asian aliens getting out before being deported.

no mention of this event in the weeklies or main media?????

Anonymous said...

Hey who owns the house in Whitestone? Wasn't that house a Brothel at one time?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the ad for this place was in the tribune!

Whitestone local said...

stay classy, Whitestone! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Maybe C.M. "doofy" Dan is a customer (LOL)...that pudgy method school of acting Pinocchio!

His lying nose keeps on growing at least if his member isn't.

Anonymous said...

Hey...we warned you about the impending Flushing-ization of Bayside 20 years ago and you all laughed up your sleeves and said, "Never"!

Well here it is folks!

Maybe the Bayside Times will be running whore ads soon to compete with the Queens Tribune.

Come out Steve Blank wherever you are...the "girls" want to give you a freebie sample of their wares!

cherokeesista said...

Dan, Dan, Dan WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!
For many many years this has been going on all over NY are you Crazy???? And The Queens Tribune is PROMOTING PROSTITUTION with their sweet little ads in the back,I have a couple right next door and EVERYONE on our block has made complaints and guess what ASSHOLE!!! I still have HOOKERS next door:(