Monday, September 13, 2010

Dromm wastes police manpower on frivolous complaint

From the Queens Courier:

Dromm himself was recently a victim of an alleged hate crime. Two weeks ago, an angry caller, who was upset about Dromm’s editorial supporting building the Mosque near Ground Zero, left a voicemail at his district office calling him “Mr. or Mrs. Dromm.” The police are investigating the incident as aggravated harassment.

Remember this next time you make a 911 call to report a felony in progress and the cops don't show up for several hours. Apparently they have time to investigate someone expressing their first amendment right to freedom of speech to an elected official.

Danny, if you can't take the political heat, stay out of office. "Mr. or Mrs." should be the worst thing you are ever called. Now let me stop typing before I get charged with a hate crime...


Anonymous said...

What a puss...........

Anonymous said...

If this was the tape that was played on NY 1 about a week or two ago, the caller's voice actually sounded a little too much like Dromm's own voice. This was a very easy comparrison to make since Dromm had a soundbite either immediately before or after the playing of the message. Made me wonder when I heard it.

Deke DaSilva said...

Dromm is crying over one call? That's the kind of prank phone call that junior high school kids do, it's not even that clever!

He really gives new meaning to the term "Dromm-A Queen".

He should be glad that anyone even cares about him at all. I'd bet $100 that Hilary and Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Obama, George Bush, and all the other "well known" politicians get at least 5 prank calls a day.

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." - Oscar Wilde

On second thought, maybe I shouldn't have used an Oscar Wilde quote.

Oscar Wilde had a sense of humor and didn't take himself too seriously, unlike Dromm. I don't want people to think that I'm equating a minor league politician with someone who actually had talent.

Helen said...

Deke DaSilva:

Got any Prince Albert in a can?

Dromm looks like a drug abuser. And why do all these same-gender preferred politicians all pose with that overly "sweet" face? Creepy

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Kids used to draw swatizkas all the time when I was a youngster - to the consternation of our parents who were the generation that fought fascism.

But they regarded it a stupid kids thing - something that warrented a lecture.

But today you can put up a 15 story building next to a two story house and put the wall two inches from someone's window - and that is ok.

Now THAT is sickness.

Anonymous said...

Here now puss boy....
pacify yourself with this cucumber from my garden.