Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Delayed stimulus for NYC

From the NY Post:

Major city infrastructure projects undertaken as part of the federal stimulus package have yet to generate even a fraction of the thousands of promised jobs, a Post analysis has found.

Meanwhile, about $4.7 billion of the $7.3 billion in stimulus money has been earmarked for "budget relief" -- feeding the city's own payroll and allowing it to continue to fund entitlement programs, such as food stamps.

Hiring for the anticipated, shovels-in-ground projects -- meant to be provide immediate employment to the area's jobless -- is only now beginning, nearly a year after the city got its hands on the dough, according to data compiled on the city's own online Stimulus Tracker.

"We're continuing to put federal stimulus dollars to work, with some projects near completion and others still ramping up," said Andrew Brent, a spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg.


Anonymous said...

Use this dough to fix the zillions of bridges, roadways etc before the money is spent elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

Forget about a stimulus package, just give NYC pols a good enema!

Once you get rid of our wasteful governmental crap we wont need federal funds!

Wadda ya say Mr. Comptroller Liu?

Maybe your cousin Tommy Huang can help by returning to Taiwan with the whole shady family.

Anonymous said...

This is a big joke as is NYS is an even bigger joke.

Velvethead said...

Let's not forget Robert Reich's thoughts on putting "select" construction workers back on the roles.