Friday, September 3, 2010

Bloomberg unintentionally hilarious

From the NY Post:

Mayor Bloomberg advises The New York Times: "The government should not be in the business of telling people what to do."

To which we say: Ha ha ha haha ha ha! Thanks, Mike. That was a good one.

Previous mayoral pronouncements on the proper role of government in peoples' lives have been, of course, somewhat less libertarian in tone.

They went something like:

* "Drop the donut, Fatso!"

* "Unhand the saltshaker, Knave!"

* "No sugar for your sodapop, Buster!"

Then there's tobacco -- which he has succeeded in taxing so oppressively that's it has become almost as attractive to the black market as that other devil weed, marijuana.

Mike's admonishment, to be sure, came in the context of the discussion over the Ground Zero mosque -- and his point was that government has no business dictating how people should pray.

But that's so self-evidently true that it's a wonder he even raised the topic.

Still, we're glad he did. A little hot-weather hilarity is always welcome.

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