Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bike riding thief sought by NYPD

QUEENS (WABC) -- NYPD is looking for a bandit on a bicycle.

He is wanted in connection with five thefts in the Forest Hills section of Queens.

In each case, the suspect approaches the victim on a bicycle, takes something from them such as jewelry or a purse, and flees the location on the bicycle.

The first incident happened at 3:30 in the afternoon in front of 63-74 Austin Street. He approached a 14-year-old boy from behind and removed a chain from his neck.

On August 2, he committed the same crime at 4:45 in the afternoon at 66th Road and 108th Street. A 15-year-old was the victim in this case.

Ten days later, he took a 21-year-old woman's purse at 62nd Drive and Junction Boulevard.

On August 22, a 13-year-old boy had a chain taken from his neck in front of 102-35 64th Road.

The most recent incident happened last Saturday at 99th Street and 62nd Drive. Again, the suspect approached a 13-year-old boy from behind and took a chain.

The bandit was riding a red bicycle in the first four incidents. He was riding a silver BMX bicycle with rear pegs in the last incident.


Cecil87 said...

"The bandit was riding a red bicycle in the first four incidents. He was riding a silver BMX bicycle with rear pegs in the last incident."

Well, well, it seems our fine African-American suspect stole himself a new bicycle. Won't someone please hang this enword from a tree already? Please?

Anonymous said...

See? Nobody should ever accuse Queens Crap of being a haunt for xenophobes and racists. Cecil87, using language such as "fine" and "please" was clearly being respectful of all people.

This still leaves me disappointed. I was really expecting someone to use this as an argument for drafting a Constitutional amendment banning bicycles from the US.

Anonymous said...

If it's a haunt for xenophobes and racists, then what are you doing here?

Anonymous said...

Vibrant Diversity abounds

Detective McNutty said...

I knew someone would infer the Crapper was anti bicycle from this new story. Maybe some readers miss the point of the blog and the Crappers postings. This particular story is about a thief using a bicycle.

I doubt the Crapper hates bicycles, I imagine he or she even put a card on the spokes when they rode their Huffy or Schwinn. I do think the Crapper is against any form of tweeding or political pandering that takes place within Sadik Khan's brain.

Anonymous said...

"McNutty" indeed.

Anonymous said...

"McNutty" indeed.

Joe said...

Black T shirt white sneakers is gang thing.
Welcome to Queens Bloombergs New Los Angeles. This bastard belongs in jail for putting the police in handcuffs and giving these criminals santuary.

Anonymous said...

did this guy used to work for LINO on the U.E.S.?