Friday, August 13, 2010

What happened to Flushing's famous Cedar tree?

Cedar of Lebanon. Flushing, NY, 1916

Cedar of Lebanon 1924

Robert Moses did heed the call, and made a change to the City Map to show that site in Flushing was intended to be park land. But, alas, that could not save the tree.

From the NY Times:

Another of Flushing's famous trees, a 200-year-old cedar of Lebanon that survived developers but not nature. Killed by a lightning bolt in 1934, the tree was hewed 12 years later into "fireplace seats" and "memorial logs," according to a 1946 article in The Long Island Star Journal.

In 1947, the land was sold to developers and housing development was built where the park was supposed to have been.



Anonymous said...

Buh? Where was the Cedar located? I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

why were the many sturdy trees removed in flushing/auburndale,on the west side of the street,across from the broadway post office at northern blvd. and station road? at 165-166st. at train entrance.

the new asian stores seem to be using the space to park cars and vans, up over the curbs.sad,sad,!!!