Monday, August 16, 2010

What conflict of interest?

From the NY Observer:

The folks at Extell Development are apparently fans of Christine Quinn.

Late last month, Lela Goren, a business partner of Extell's who does extensive work with the company, held a fundraiser in the West Village for Council Speaker Christine Quinn that was attended by many executives from Extell. Ms. Quinn is eyeing a run for mayor in 2013.

Real estate donations are nothing novel in campaigns, but this fundraiser happened at the very time that Extell is seeking zoning approval from the City Council for its mega-Riverside Center residential development, which is envisioned to hold 2,500 apartments.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Quinn is eyeing a run for mayor in 2013.
LMAO As if the bitch would actually win. This ass kissing bitch should just go hide under the rug!

Anonymous said...

Forget Manhattan. Queens has lost 4 hospitals in recent years; Mary Immaculate, St. John's, St. Joe's, and Parkway. Of all those defunct destroyed hospitals, Parkway is still fighting to reopen. Why won't the politicians let Parkway reopen? When any relief for Queens other than a reopening of Parkway will take years to build a new facility? When the cost to the State would be hundreds of millions as opposed to no cost to the State if the politicians let Parkway reopen.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

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She tried to pass herself off as Jane Jacobs.
Google their names to see my other YouTube protesting her at Jane Jacobs street naming.

Vote no for a fourth term for mike bloomberg junior!!!