Friday, August 13, 2010

Unisphere fountains back on

From the Times Ledger:

The Unisphere and its magnificent fountains have been returned to their full glory for the first time since the 1964 World’s Fair, city Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe said at the ribbon-cutting of the newly restored fountains Thursday morning.

Dozens of streams of water shot high into the air around the iconic landmark in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, delighting the community leaders, politicians and parkgoers who gathered there to see the fountains spray once again.

Many of the gathered luminaries had attended the fair, and Borough President Helen Marshall said she had even attended the 1939 World’s Fair as a young girl. For Marshall and Benepe, the event was the culmination of a diligent effort to get $1.9 million designated for the fountain work.

Marshall said she was proud to see the beloved construction brought back to life for the first time in years, a testament to the diversity of Queens and a shining beacon to immigrants looking to move to the borough.

...after a countdown from ten, and those in attendance could not keep their eyes off the most famous structure in Queens, which is no longer dry and neglected.

I guess it's almost time for the U.S. Open again.


Deke DaSilva said...

a testament to the diversity of Queens

Dear God! Someone get me a barf bag!

and a shining beacon to immigrants looking to move to the borough


More like a giant clump of metal just waiting to be stolen by some scrap metal poachers!

georgetheatheist said...

"President Helen Marshall said she even attended the 1939 World's Fair..."

There's also a photo of her on the original Ferris Wheel at the 1893 Chicago Fair.

-Joe said...

They been ready to go and tested back in June --I was there it was tested with both pumps running. (The pumps on a wind sensor on a lighting pole).
This is all a crock of shit for the USTA photographers to shoot the US Open ticket sales promos.

Why couldn't New Yorkers have it for all of Summer ?
It will be back to empty and dead as soon as the tennis people leave.
Benepe is such a F_ing puppet these people in the photo make me sick

Joe said...

BTW the photo above was shot with only one pump running.
Watch the water go full height (top the Unisphere) 1st day of the US Open

Anonymous said...

Wow, just in time for the US Open! Hmmmmmmmmm

georgetheatheist said...

Hey, City Fathers and City Mothers! You Assssssssholes!

This is why we all read Queens Crap.

Anonymous said...

I hope some attention can be focused on the NYS Pavilion before it collapses.

Anonymous said...

"President Helen Marshall said she even attended the 1939 World's Fair..."

I think Helen said she also invented the internet.

georgetheatheist said...

Estelle Cooper: "Hey Helen, what do I do now with this piece of green ribbon? Wipe my ass with it?"

Anonymous said...


they're damned if they fix it and they're damned if they don't.

Anonymous said...

Interesting the small crew that slaved all spring to do this restoration were not in this photo op.
Marshall and her posse of crooked pigs need to be restored or tuned up.

Anonymous said...

hahha, crappy, before i got to the bottom of the article where you made your comment, i was going to come into the thread and comment that this must be because the Open is just around the corner.

We must be all prim and proper for our Manhattanite guests now, dont we???

Moses Pinkowitz said...

It wasn't really broken the huge pumps were 40 years old and inefficient.
The manifolds were fine just needed cleanup and paint.
That was no 1.5 million $$ parts and labor ! I smell Some people got a huge kickback's, contracting and or study fees.

Anonymous said...

Who pays this water bill??

Anonymous said...

it's a recirculating pool.

Anonymous said...

i wonder who is buried underneath ?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - now keep it functional - do maintenance!

Does it have a water meter attached? Send this bill to Bloomberg.

Gary the Agnostic said...

The best thing was running under the spray on a windy day.

Joe said...

Run under the spray on a windy day ?

Great way to pickup viral pneumonia and other diseases !
Helen Marshalls illegal immigrant constituents and their kids wash feet, spit Tuberculosis and use that water as a toilet !

Thats Diversity & multiculturalism for yaa !!

Anonymous said... some of the vibrant illegal residents will be able to shower again.


Anonymous said...

Who is minding the parcel post window?

No wonder it takes so long to buy stamps.