Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sorry, Serf!

From the Daily News:

The board’s 10 commissioners voted as Kappstatter reported, with Republican J.C. Polanco of the Bronx defecting from the GOP ranks and voting with the five Democratic commissioners to promote George Gonzalez of the Bronx to executive director and to name Dawn Sandow to assume Gonzalez's deputy executive director’s post. Sandow, a Bronx Republican, had been the deputy chief clerk of the Bronx Board of Elections office.

Polanco had initially led the unsuccessful effort to block Gonzalez from getting the top executive job on the board -- even offering himself as a candidate. But after months of deadlock, Polanco saw the wisdom of cutting a deal of his own and jumping ship to the Democrats’ side.

Several Republicans also nominated former Republican State Sen. Serphin Maltese of Queens for the executive director’s job, but that motion was defeated by a split vote, with four Republicans (other than Polanco) voting yes, two Democrats voting no and four commissioners (three Democrats plus Polanco) abstaining.


georgetheatheist said...

They're not crazy

For Serphin Maltazy.

Anonymous said...

Our loss, I am sorry Serf - we miss you in Elmhurst.

Anonymous said...

I don't miss you!!!!

Anonymous said...

That Polanco is a piece of work. For 6 months he has insisted that George Gonzalez is not qualified (this is implied by his not voting for him before). Now he flips, and casts the deciding vote.

Let's connect the dots...

Bronx Exec Director
Bronx 2nd in Command
Bronx Commissioner flips and makes the deal.
Kingmaker Stanley Schlein wins again.

And we lose. And JC Polanco will soon get some surrogate court work to pad his pocket.