Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The raccoon catcher


Anonymous said...

How about the family of raccoons that have lived in the abandoned factory on 67th place in Glendale for several years?

They come out every night.

georgetheatheist said...

What does he DO with the racoon? Let him go? Drown him in a garbage pail of water? An exterminator where I bought my Hav-a-heart squirrel trap told me to do that with the squirrels I captured. (I let them go in a number of isolated wooded Queens areas.)

I had a racoon once in my attic. He clambered up a corner board. Saw him walking around the gabled roof at night. When he was out, I patched up the hole he got in. I have no I idea where he went next.

Anonymous said...

I saw a raccoon in Manhattan about 5 am crossing Columbus av @ W 106 st. It seemed like an unlikely area for a raccoon sighting.