Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Queensmarks even lamer than the originals

From the Daily News:

Preservationists argue that Borough Hall, including new borough historian Jack Eichenbaum, can prove its commitment to local heritage by posting signage or creating brochures for the spots that will be profiled in these pages.

Eichenbaum sparked a debate over the role of a borough historian last month when he told The News that he wants to be an "educator" rather than fight to landmark buildings.

"I don't see myself championing those types of causes," Eichenbaum said at the time.

Eichenbaum was criticized but defended his approach, emphasizing his efforts to educate children about Queens history and vowing to refer landmarking causes to more "passionate" advocates.

The exchange spawned many ideas on how Eichenbaum, Borough President Helen Marshall and Queens tourism director Terri Osborne could honor local legacy even without landmarking.

For starters, historians say signage may encourage residents to take an interest in Queens' past.

"It can be a very effective way of explaining to passersby the transformation in New York's development," said Simeon Bankoff, the executive director of the Historic Districts Council.

Such efforts, advocates contend, may boost Queens tourism, inspire groundbreaking research and stir public interest in the borough's past.

HA HA HA HA HA! What a waste of time and money.

May I suggest the following wording:

"On the site of this pile of Queens Crap used to stand an historic building. - Jack Eichenbaum, Borough Historian, Helen Marshall, Borough President, Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor. Plaque donated by the Historic Districts Council."

Can't wait until the plaque unveilings. Let's do Niederstein's first!


JO said...

you're putting down a plaque to tell people that something is historic? what's wrong with you?

It might not inspire groundbreaking research, but it would give people a reason to be proud of their neighborhood. I think you have bigger things to crap on than this. You'll just shit anywhere, it seems.

Jerry Rotondi said...

As a past member of the board of trustees of the Queens Historical Society I wish to state that I'm strongly opposed to and ashamed of Dr. Jack Eichenbaum's position regarding his peculiar views on landmarking.

Although I remain in full agreement with him that long term education and the raising of the public's awareness for the appreciation of history is commendable.

However, what do you do to stop the destruction of an irreplaceable structure in the the late great Pennsylvania Station?

A more local example:

As I once stood in front of the demolished historic and architecturally significant "Flessel's" restaurant in College Point, which was well deserving of landmark status, a resident approached me.

Expressing great sadness, she was surprised that it had been torn down.

"But wasn't it Queensmarked", she asked me?

I replied, "Yes but that doesn't mean a damn thing"!

Accept only the real thing, genuine municipal landmark status.

I wonder how many "Queensmarked" buildings have been demolished since they first received their ersatz status?

Queens Crapper said...

The signs would make you proud that your city decided a piece of crap should be placed where a beautiful historic building was?



And no, it's the City that will shit anywhere, not me. Go back to your taco crawl.

Anonymous said...

Who really cares, once everyone got upset about it being torn down they went and got a burger at Arby's. JPCA even had them come to a meeting to give out free coupons. What a joke.

Beefsteak Charlie said...

Plenty of people care.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that crappy building with Arbys and radio shack thrown up there.

There was no good reason for that building to be allowed to be torn down.

The restaurant might have seen better days, but they could have sold it to a new operator who would have improved it.

A high quality steakhouse could have done good business in that location.

It might not have been quite as easy to sell if it was a landmark but that's one small price to pay to preserve our history.

JO said...

Roosevelt Ave Midnight Crawl is this Saturday. Hope you can make it.

I do not advocate removing of beautiful historic buildings. I do appreciate signs being put up to tell people that something is historic. This article does not mention destruction, only education.

Queens Crapper said...

No, JO, the point is that when it comes to Queens, the powers that be think plaques are sufficient. From the preservation societies, to the politicians to the borough historian. And that's sad.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Might I remind you all that Dr. Jack Eichenbaum's credentials classify him primarily as an "urban geographer" (by his very own description) not as a historian.

Insofar as the placing of historic markers in lieu of important demolished sites is concerned...this amounts to little more than erecting grave markers:

"Here lies that which once was".

Unfortunately, our fine borough boasts some of the "finest" armchair preservationists that borough hall can buy...who prefer placing bronze memorial plaques to retaining the actual fabric of history!

Maybe we should refrain from criticizing them so hastily, however.

After all, it's much easier to sit back and conduct tours or mount educational exhibits...thus gaining "notoriety"...than to take up a risky position on the front line.

Battling to preserve the worthy is often a tiring and bloody business.

You've got to raise some sizable callouses on your hands before your day is done.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Jack-off is typical of what Queens would accept for their borough historian.

His knowledge (or should I say lack of it) pales by Brooklyn's higher standards.

I'd be embarrassed to sit in my office if I were him.

I'll bet he raises his walking tour fees now that he's the king of Queens.

"Take a walking tour of Astoria with the Queens borough historian. Only $30. Students and seniors $25."

Anonymous said...

(LOL) even Jeff Kroessler would have been a slightly better a very thin slice.

But his often loud criticism of boro hall excluded him from holding such a (LOL) "lofty" title.

Anonymous said...

C-mon folks...let's get real!

Dr. Eichenbaum is the right man for the actuality it's a rather meaningless one.

Jack's a perfect tit baby who always seems to be sucking up to the right people.

Time for your afternoon "ninny" bottle Doctor.