Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Litter victim speaks out

Dear Editor (Queens Chronicle):

I am writing this letter so I can vent my anger and frustrations. I recently received, in the mail, a summons from the Sanitation Department of this great city, stating that I had a dirty sidewalk one day in July.

I, who have lived here all my life and know and obey all the rules and regulations — and am 73 years old with Parkinson’s disease — am out every morning sweeping. Once the sidewalk is clean a bell does not ring in my home telling me that another day worker has thrown his garbage or lunch remains on my sidewalk. I cannot be outside, with my broom, 24 hours a day.

I won’t even get into the problems of them using my backyard for their bathroom. It’s really gross.

Stated on my summons were all the items they saw on my sidewalk. Menus, not mine, that the local restaurants stick on all the doors and then get blown off to land on the sidewalk. Coffee cups, drink containers and foam dinner plates. Not mine. I know the proper way to dispose of them. Yet, I get the summons for $100 while they walk away only to litter wherever, once again.

I cannot make the trip to Jamaica to fight this summons so I just want to ask you ... isn’t something very wrong with this picture?

Catherine Berger

The City wants you out, grandma! Need to make way for Sanctaury City residents. So the City will continue to make money off you until you leave...or die.

Photo from Litterary Journal


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately people are pigs. Not all people but a lot of people cannot hold there garbage till they reach a litter basket. And therein lies the second part of this problem. The litter baskets are overflowing with garbage because the city doesn't pick them up enough. It alls dumps back on politicians, they don't know how to spend our hard earned tax dollars, only how to pry dollars from our hands.

Babs said...

We live now in a police state.

We are being ticketed to death - it's sad that this all happened to our beloved New York, but it did and it's not turning around. My advice to you - get out of New York.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

King Mike Bloomberg the ticket terrorist!

Ms. Interpret said...

That little turtle faced bitch of a mayor is at it again....with his cruelty toward those less "fortunate" than him always obvious in his policies and actions. I hope you can fight this injustice and be left alone
by these overly officious agents.

FlooshingRezident said...

What litter baskets? I remember them at every bus stop as a child.

How about stores putting out bins - they do in other states.

Hey Mr. Marino - you make millions off the fools that buy your crappy food (no offense, Crappy) - too cheap to put out a garbage pail? Of course you are!

How about a campaign to inform people that littering isn't kosher here? Remember Phil D. Basket from the 60's? The crying Indian? Growing up we were taught to NEVER litter.

It's time to spread that message again.

Anonymous said...

step 1: Cut back garbage collection
step 2: give tickets out for garbage on the steets
step 3: profit!

Auntie Invasion said...

I witness Spanish people throwing garbage on the sidewalk and encouraging their jack pot babies to do the same.
This is what they are doing to the USA. if they have such disdain for this country, why bother to come here? stay home and make your own country into a pig sty.

Anonymous said...

The people with trash in their hand and litter basket 10 feet away throw it on the ground -- are also the same people who carry their household garbage from their house to the litter basket 1000 feet away where it remains uncollected for days. A two-fer.

Anonymous said...

I witness Spanish people throwing garbage on the sidewalk and encouraging their jack pot babies to do the same.


You aren't the only one.

I saw a family each only eat half of the lunches, then stuff them between the seats and window of the bus. They then get off the bus and went into a church.

Such fantastic morals.

Anonymous said...

I live on Utopia down the block from the Taco Bell on Northern - the pigs that drive and walk by throw their garbage all over the street. I have found Taco wrappers, leaflets, empty bottles all over my lawn- no one takes pride in this neighborhood anymore - Auburndale used to be beautiful - it has gone downhill swiftly in the last few years.

Ms. Guided said...

Anon near Utopia Parkway: I also see those illegal guys every morning hanging out at the Gulf station at Utopia and Northern...you are right, Auburndale is getting too urban. Why don't they ticket the illegals for loitering? No, they have grunt jobs to do, while the little old lady who conscientiously keeps her sidewalk as clean as she can gets an UNJUSTIFIED TICKET FROM YET ANOTHER HEARTLESS BLOOMBERG MUNICIPAL FEE COLLECTOR/FINE CREATOR. Fuck these agencies, they just "regulate" working and middle class people, no one else.

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget watching this fake blond Spanish hoochie with a lower back tattoo eating peanuts and dropping her shells at the convenience shop at the LIRR/Jamaica station. She didn't even understand what she was doing was rude, and this all in front of the guy who owns/runs the place. She's probably related to my Mexican neighbors who throw their empty 2 liter bottles into their back yard.

Anonymous said...

In Ridgewood, the homeowners have resorted to leaving plastic bags tied to their fences in order to give the pigs at the bus stop a place to put their garbage. The third world crowd also likes to throw kids' birthday parties in public parks and leave all their trash behind. Such slobs. The Germans that used to live here must be rolling over in their graves.

Anonymous said...

My absentee lordlord neighbor has a new crop of whatever that we share a common wall (and airshaft)

It is our duty to introduce them to local standards of noise, litter, stoop sitting, music, etc.

After 6 or so years, we make progress. By the end of the decade, a relative in Rochester lures them to a finer life.

Beginning of a new decades? We are at square one with a new batch!

All this so the Democratic Party gets a stready stream of converts.

Anonymous said...

Used to live next to a manufacturing district. The employees going down the block to the train made very little litter.

Now we have stores. The ghetto leaves its cups and plates on my steps.

Meanwhile, our traditional shopping area is dying.

Some real bright lights in city planning I say.

Anonymous said...

"The third world crowd also likes to throw kids' birthday parties in public parks and leave all their trash behind. Such slobs."

Drive past Flushing Meadows, aka Tent City, any weekend - the trash blown all over the place, creating Mother Nature's billboard of wrappers, cups, etc along the fences & backstops.

cherokeesista said...

I'm so sorry for you:( I have the same problem ,no tickets yet but they love to use my driveway as a public toilet:( Big Dogs work wonders and so does a BASEBALL BAT!!!!