Saturday, August 7, 2010

FDNY staffing levels cut

From NY1:

The New York City Fire Department is set to reduce staffing in 60 engine companies from five firefighters to four.

With a summer marked by several intense heat waves, sources tell NY1 that medical leave levels have risen above 7.5 percent in the last 30-day period.

That is the threshold which contractually allows the city to reduce staffing to help control overtime.

It is the fourth time in seven years that the Department will reduce manpower.

The Uniformed Firefighters Association says the city has miscalculated the way it computes medical leave, because the agency does not give firefighters who go home sick in the middle of a tour credit for having worked some portion of their shift.

A judge blocked new hiring, too.


georgetheatheist said...

"Hey, we dunno how too rede. Cuz we to stoopit. Gimme a difren testsis. But don aks me hard kweshuns. " - The Vulcans

Does anyone know Levy's or Garaufis's phone numbers? I want to post them on my fridge in case I smell smoke.

Anonymous said...

is it possible that the federal judge Garaufis,appointed by b.clinton, has had a fixation with racial discrimination since his (wonderboy ) days as a member of the Bayside area c.s.d.26 and c.p.b 11 ?

after the closing in 1982 of two public schools in C.S.D.26,one civic leader,Mandingo Tshaka charged that his local school P.S.31 did not enroll enough white pupils from the closed P.S.130,one mile away.
he claimed that 58 more pupils should have shown up in september. He was quoted in a 1982 ,Newsday article saying "it's racially motivated". he wrote to the Bd.of ed."we won't tolerate a WHITEWASH".

Garaufis,then secretary of c.s.d.26,(who had HEARD that some children were in P.S.159 who should be at P.S.31 ),urged the superintendent to check these claims out.
when no errors were found,Garaufis said "the investigation was not properly done"." Officers should be sent into the field
to verify the families had moved. if that had been done i'd have been far more satisfied."
P.S.130 parents responded that they were being harassed and to upset these families and pupils any longer is morally wrong.
many of the pupils had graduated to I.S.25 and many went to local private schools.

no one ever apologized to these parents or did the media correct the false claims the time P.S.31 was one of the lowest scoring math and reading schools in the district.

georgetheatheist said...

"PS 31 was one of the lowest scoring math and reading schools in the district."

The Vulcan members can't read.

That's right. Don't strive for excellence. Strive for mediocrity. Or worse.

Anonymous said...

Garaufis worked for Claire Shulman!

Do you think he gives a flying fuck?

Anonymous said...

Keep on over building and keep on cutting emergency responders staffing levels!

That makes "real sense".

More people occupying more buildings...with even less fireman to serve them.

BBQ ribs N.Y. style!

Pass the sauce please!

Anonymous said...

When Garaufis worked for Shulman he used to be called Porky Pig because his cheeks would flush pink when he got vexed.

But not as pink as "Pinky" Gallagher...the tippling champ of "Danny Boy's"!

How do you like running Peter Koo's show "Pinky"?

Hey cuckoo Koo....did you know a perverted convicted rapist is advising you?

Ask your chief of staff!
Didn't he work for Dennis the menace?

Anonymous said...

there also was a N.Y.C. Department of Investigations probe as to who possibly was responsible for the cover -up of hundreds of thousands of dollars of repair work needed on a C.S.D.26 public school, during this 1982 school closing.

the conclusion was that members of C.S.B.26/C.P.B.11/the central board of education had ignored this factor,while other schools with less repairs closed.
some names listed on the report pertain to this article.

btw ,the central bd.of.ed. attempted to give the P.S.130 site to the N.Y.C. FIRE DEPT. as a training building,dragging equipment,coupling hose, and many fire fighters each day. when the Fire Dept. Officials were tipped off as to the destructive plans of the bureaucrats,the N.Y.F.D. rejected the offer.

no one showed up for the building auction to bid ,when the playground ,adjoining park(25000 sq,ft.),
had to be subtracted . the extra property was "erronously" added to the auction at the last minute, by the Commissioner of Real Property. he was forced to resign later for other similar errors.

P.S.130 exists to this day as one of the highest scoring public schools in the system.