Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crazy exhaust system making people sick

From the Daily News:

With an influx of Asian-American tenants using woks to prepare meals, vents have sprouted up on the facade of a Sanford Ave. building, spewing out fumes from high-temperature cooking.

And that has been a major nuisance for 97-year-old Sidney Raab, who suffers from congestive heart failure.

But it's not only a problem for people with illnesses. It's stirring up tensions between neighbors at the four-building complex.

In a majority of the apartments near Raab's, silver exhaust hoods poke out from the kitchen windows. Raab said they blow hot cooking fumes directly into his apartment.

During dinner hours, the elder Raab says he can barely handle being in the apartment he has lived in for more than 40 years.

Assemblywoman Grace Meng (D-Flushing) is familiar with the exhaust system and described it as a "reverse blowdryer."

Meng said she has noticed conflicts between longtime residents and the newer Asian immigrants, but this is the first involving cooking techniques.

"It is indicative of a conflict in the community," explained Meng. "This is an example of something that needs to be addressed. If anyone is making food that smells in my apartment I'd probably complain."

A city Department of Buildings spokesman said the agency will send an inspector to the building to see whether these vents comply with code requirements. The spokesman explained that depending on their placement and measurement, there may be a violation.

Raab said he has filed complaints with numerous city agencies and is hoping something can be done to help his father and improve their living situation.


Gour Mai said...

Easy solution? Live octopi!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vibrant Diversity

Anonymous said...

Oh here goes Grace Meng again n one of her meaningless and soon well publicized pro Oriental/Asiatic crusades.

Isn't her father a lumber yard owner ex assemblyman gangster?

Which Triad Jimmy?

Deke DaSilva said...

Meng said she has noticed conflicts between longtime residents and the newer Asian immigrants, but this is the first involving cooking techniques.

What's wrong with these "longtime residents"?

Didn't they get the memo from the Department of MultiCULTuralism, Vibrancy, and Diversity?

Multiculturalism doesn't mean that you respect your neighbors and try to reach a middle ground!

No! It means the "longtime residents" are supposed to change THEIR WAYS and accomodate the NEWCOMERS!

For instance, polygamy may not be "your cup of tea". But if the "religion of peace" wants to have it, by George (not 'The Atheist'), YOU have to accept it!

Deal with it white people! You must acccept your new Vibrant Overlords!

Anonymous said...

Send in the inspectors! There you go! There's the solution!

Make sure you send Mr. Kahn from the Jamaica DOB, made into a millionaire from taking countless bribes from all the illegal conversions and basement apartments in Astoria!

georgetheatheist said...
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faster340 said...

Take a flexible aluminum exhaust tube and route that shit right back into their apartments and see how these inconsiderate assholes like it!!!!!

Anony2 said...

Right on Faster340!