Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cops pinched for phony bust

From the Daily News:

Two cops from Brooklyn's embattled 81st Precinct were charged Friday with making a trumped-up arrest - in a sting operation caught on video.

Like a couple of Keystone Kops, Sgt. Raymond Stukes and Officer Hector Tirado barged in on an Internal Affairs Bureau integrity test actually targeting another cop, sources said.

The undercover IAB officer, carrying a backpack filled with packs of cigarettes, was talking to the intended target when Stukes and Tirado showed up at the corner of Chauncey St. and Howard Ave. in Brownsville on Sept. 3.

Unaware that IAB was videotaping the action, Stukes and Tirado began questioning the undercover cop conducting the sting.

He told them the cigarettes had legitimate tax stamps, but they hauled him into stationhouse and ended up hitting him with bogus charges: that he tried to sell bootleg cigarettes to two people.

"The (arrest) paperwork was inconsistent with the events that took place on that date," said Assistant District Attorney Gregory Marshall at an arraignment in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Stukes and Tirado pleaded not guilty to felony perjury charges and were released on their own recognizance. Their lawyers declined to comment.


Anonymous said...

What else is new? Cops see the opportunity to make some overtime by putting innocent guys through the "System"They've been given the green light by 1 police plaza as long as arrest numbers are up

Anonymous said...

Why dont they transfer these guys to the 114th?

Then we can blame Albany.

... and the locals will unquestionable believe it.

Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Put them away! Tyranny is afoot...

Anonymous said...

81st is the PCT where the Village Voice stories came out of, correct? The cop who blew the whistle??

Anonymous said...

"The (arrest) paperwork was inconsistent with the events that took place on that date".

Just like 99% of the arrests that take place in this city.

Anonymous said...

Blame it on compstat and stupidity.