Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chuck Apelian involved in Claire's next land grab

From the Queens Courier:

PROUDEST MOMENT: “I think my proudest professional accomplishment along with the leadership of Community Board 7 has been raising the standard of excellence of what a community board is. I think we brought recognition to Community Board 7 as one of the most professional and respected community boards in the city. That means a lot to me.”


BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “We approved the Police Academy in College Point, we approved the Willets Point Project and we approved the municipal parking lot in Flushing. Our biggest challenge is to make sure these projects get built within the levels of the concerns that we voiced during the approval process. We want to make sure what we expected to be built gets built.”

Yeah, okay.

Why did you join the steering committee for Claire Shulman's next land grab on the other side of the Flushing River? Kind of a conflict of interest, no? Here are the renderings...


georgetheatheist said...

What a zhlub in a zhlubby photo.

A white pole growing out of his head.
Sartorially splendid in blue jeans.
Holding his crotch with 2 hands.

Anonymous said...

And what did Chuck "follow the buck" get for selling us out in addition to protecting his (and across his cul de sac neighbor John Liu's) northeast Flushing nabe from intrusive development?

It's all about containment folks.

Keep the over building in the downtown loop and handing off private and public properties to connected developers but leave my posh quiet block alone.

They aren't over developing Gene Kelty's Whitestone bucolic little block either!

Anonymous said...

If "professional" means acting as a blatant or sub-rosa developers' agent...then CB#7 deserves to be called "professional".

I'd call them common crooks!

This board needs to be loaded onto a barge and towed out to the 12 mile limit.

Paddle away quickly you dorks before your fellow sharks bite your asses off!

Anonymous said...

And why shouldn't "up" Chuck be grasping his crotch?

He's been jerking us off for a few decades so now it's his turn to kvell while he creams in his jeans!

Sorry "K" he ain't using you for inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I love how the LDC site calls itself Queens Alive. We are already alive! Don't kill our neighborhood with excessive development and traffic problems.

Anonymous said...

BRING IN THE FEDS...GODAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anony2 said...

Professional? Yes, professional crooks and fraud racketeers.

Anonymous said...

Hey where is Big Bald Paulie Vallone I'm sure he is involved.

When are they going to arrest Chuckie and Gene?

Kelty does not live in Whitestone People, 22nd avenue near Willets point.

Anonymous said...

But isn't 22nd Av. near Willets Point (Boulevard?) Whitestone?

Anonymous said...

Chuck keeps his payola $$$$$$ in his jock.

That's why he's cupping his crotch.

I don't want to even think where "Moby" Stavisky keeps hers.

Phew (whatever orifice)!

Anonymous said...

Chuck and Wellington are ass-hole buddies.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Chuck, Claire, Marilyn, Gene, Kim, Toby, Gary, Johnny and countless other politicians are ass-hole buddies with Wellington Chen.

Just like Glinda (the good witch in The Wizard of Oz) calling the munchkins, "come out, come out whenrever you are".

Ya can't hide this daisey chain of corruption any longer. We know who you are and we know what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

How many trips has Wellington Chen arranged for CB# 7's district manager Marilyn (and her "hubby" Jack) Bitterman h-m-m-m-m ?

Would somebody please post Chen's Little Neck home address so a group can gather to picket him.