Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blooming budget!

From the NY Post:

Forty thousand dollars for a can opener?

Something stinks in the city's jail kitchens, and it's not the food.

Jail officials have blown $200,000 on five can openers that were specially designed to digitally count lids and dispose them into a secure bin, out of the reach of inmates who could fashion the sharp metal scraps into shanks.

But the gourmet gadgets purchased in late 2007 are lemons, two jail insiders -- a cook and a supervisor -- told The Post.

"The cans get stuck and then it starts crushing the can itself," the cook said. "One actually caught fire. Not only are they broken, they are dangerous."

Also from the NY Post:

How much city agencies have spent on meals and snacks since Jan. 1:

Department of Education $1,551,679
Favorite Place: Bel-Aire Diner, 31-91 21st St., Queens (62 transactions)

Office of the Mayor $116,466.17
Favorite Place: Eli’s Bread, 403 E. 91st St. (62 transactions)

Administration for Children’s Services $61,791.98
Favorite Place: Baba’s Kebab House, Manhattan (64 transactions)

Department of Parks and Recreation $51,678.97
Favorite Place: Bronze and White Markets, Manhattan (33 visits)


Anonymous said...

are you sure that there were no tabs at BARNEY GREENGRASS'S STURGEON RESTAURANT at Amsterdam ave. /86st.?

Anonymous said...

1.55 million by the Dept of Education in 6 months. If this was a private corporation that was making money it would be reasonable. But this money is being spent on the backs of our children. I wonder how much is being spent from July thru Dec with all those holidays.. and you can rest assured this is the tip of the iceberg. No one cares anymore about the PUBLIC GOOD.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bloomberg thinks he's got a golden "can" and his shit don't he needs an appropriately expensive "can" opener (LOL)....because
his current lover ain't doing his job so well.

faster340 said...

Boy it must be nice to eat off the peoples dime...

People can hardly feed themselves in places but but this is justified?

It makes me sick!