Monday, August 9, 2010

Ambulances still lack GPS technology

From AM-NY:

Cabbies have them and you probably do, too. But believe it or not, city ambulance drivers don’t have GPS systems to help them respond to emergencies.

EMT crews are sometimes forced to use paper maps to reach victims, resulting in delays when responding to life-and-death emergencies, workers and union leaders say.

“It’s just a day-to-day occurrence of guys saying, ‘I have to look it up on the map.’ That adds a minute or two,” said Patrick Bahnken, president of the union that represents city EMTs.

Some crews resort to bringing their own GPS devices, but that’s against the rules and they could be punished if caught, Bahnken said.

They do have a hypothermia machine on board now, however.


Anonymous said...

What Good is GPS if the new dispatchers can't be understood by the ambulance crew?

Anonymous said...

Give them a Android powered phone, with a free GPS app. How hard it that?