Friday, July 16, 2010

Suspect arrested for arson that killed 2

From the Daily News:

The ex-boyfriend of a pregnant Queens mom, who died in a fatal fire along with her two-year-old son, ignited Tuesday's blaze during a violent struggle and left them to die while he went home and took a nap, prosecutors say.

Jimmy Humphrey, 23, has been charged with second-degree arson and assault for kicking off the early-morning fire that killed ex-girlfriend Linda Anderson, 25, and her son, Ayden Hayes, in their Springfield Gardens apartment.

Charges could be upgraded to murder pending the results of autopsies, Queens prosecutors say.

Humphrey faces 25 years to life in prison.

Anderson was pregnant with his child.

Prosecutors say Humphrey admitted to the violent struggle.


cherokeesista said...

This guy is a BABY KILLER and should be EXECUTED ASAP!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They should loose that son of a bitch in jail. Brutalize him and make him suffer to the maximum. What devil kills his unborn and two other innocent people and walk awa like nothing happen.i knew Linda and Ayden and Ayden was the sweetest kid. What kind of monster is he? Its despicable and terrible what he did. Judge nor jury should have any mercy on him! Crucify that wretch!

Captain Renault said...

Another member of the Upstanding Citizens League!

Strap him to the CHAIR!!!!

Power up the generator!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is not to blame, it's the property owner. Illegal apartments kill people, not homicidal savages.

Queens Crapper said...

No, let's not hold the homeowner accountable for having people living in her house illegally. Instead, let's spread snark in blog comments. That will help.

Anonymous said...

the boyfiend is guilty .murder and arson appears correct at this time.

the homeowner according to the d.o.b.document is in violation and owes the city $11,000. in fines.
also guilty of conversion from one family to three family.

Anonymous said...

the queens weekly's censored the fact that this dwelling was in fact "a illegal one family to three family conversion". with a $11,000 unpaid fine documented by the d.o.b.

one wonders how many taxpayer dollars were spent on social services in this case,ie. welfare ,aid to dependent children,food stamps,rent payment etc.etc.

a social welfare system out of control? and a city going broke because of it.

a sad result in death and tragedy,by a scumbag.

sadly some young women only choose this type loser to screw.when will they learn ?