Saturday, July 10, 2010

Seminerio wants out

From the NY Post:

Corrupt ex-politician Anthony Seminerio wants to be sprung from the slammer while he appeals his six-year stretch for influence peddling.

In court papers filed yesterday, his lawyer said the former Democratic assemblyman from Queens -- who's locked up at the same North Carolina prison complex as Ponzi monster Bernard Madoff -- "poses neither a flight risk nor a threat to the community."

The Manhattan federal-court filing also describes the corpulent crook as "an elderly man with significant health problems" who "always appeared in court when required to do so."

Seminerio, who pleaded guilty to pocketing bribes through a sham consulting firm, plans to base his appeal on a recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling's conviction for "honest services" fraud.

Graphic from the Village Voice.


Gary the Agnostic said...

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Keep whining, Tony.

Anonymous said...

Let him rot. His health was fine when he was taking kick-backs.

JO said...

It's not about protecting the public or rehabilitation. It's about punishment for a crime. There's more than one purpose for jail time.

Anonymous said...

If they let me I would kill the fucker myself.

Anonymous said...

Give him one month off for every ten pounds he loses in prison. Let him out when he can walk a 20 min. mile on a treadmill.

Thomi Hawk said...

Good to see all the brotherly love, Wow how soon we forget about the years of good that Tony did.Oh how you all loved when he got things done for you in Queens It sure does seem forgive and forget is not in the plans of all the NON SINNERS. Maybe Tonys grandkids would like to see him before its too late ! Thomas Hickey
PS ...Maybe some of you Tuff Guys will sign your real mane !!!!!

Anton seminerio said...

hello, i'm Anton seminerio, son of john seminerio, who is the son of, you guessed it Anthony seminerio, i am 13 and you sir, single handedly Angered me off beyond belief. i hope you know that he was killed in the federal prison. the doctors gave him the wrong medicine, i raged so hard at your article i went super sayain. mr. anonymous who posted monday july 12 2010, i hope you know he lost 80 pounds walking each day. and mr. hawk i'm glad their is someone who understands and fyi i did visit him, the date is may 23 2012 so heir hasnt been a post in almost 2 years so i know noone will read this but i hope you know what a scumbag you are. who ever posted this article, fell bad fell very bad. fell bad for me and his wife and his entire family.