Monday, July 12, 2010

The raunchy restaurant

From the Times Ledger:

Despite not having a liquor license, a Floral Park restaurant has been serving alcohol and rowdy customers have been seen having sex on top of their cars at night, residents complained last week at the 105th Precinct Community Council meeting.

When one resident went to talk to the owner of the Shahi Darbar restaurant at 83-47 248th St. about the lewd behavior, he was pushed, they said.

“Some of the neighbors are being attacked on their streets by the establishment,” one resident said. “There’s going to be serious trouble there. I see that someone’s going to get hurt there.”

Bryan Block, chairman of Community Board 13, said the restaurant “is totally out of control.”

“There has to be zero tolerance,” he said.

Capt. Joseph Kearney, executive officer of the 105th Precinct, said the restaurant was “on our target.”

Another resident said she saw patrons bringing alcohol even though the establishment was unable to serve it.

“I saw them carrying the liquor bottles — they didn’t even hide them,” she said, noting the owner “has blatant disregard for everyone who lives on that block.”

She said the restaurant holds late-night parties Thursdays through Sundays.

Kearney confirmed Shahi Darbar does not have a liquor license.

“If they have any liquor in there, we can nuisance and abate them,” he said.

But a man who answered the phone at the restaurant said they do have the license and denied patrons were having sex on cars or that the owner got rough with the resident who complained.

“There’s none of those problems,” he said, noting Shahi Darbar has a security guard to ensure a situation does not get out of control.


Anonymous said...

Public Query - Results

New York State Liquor Authority • 80 S. Swan Street • 9th Floor • Albany, New York • 12210-8002

Found 1 matches for:
"Shahi Darbar " in Premises or Trade Name
Displaying records 1 - 1.
Premises Name Address License Class License Type Expiration Date License Status
FLORAL PARK, NY 11004 252 OP 05/31/2012 License is Active

Anonymous said...

Huh? Shut these sand monkees down. Jesus, you'd think they were the mob or somebody to reckoned with. We can't have this in our communities.