Thursday, July 1, 2010

Park domes removed

From the NY Times:

Three silvery domes that had been installed in the new Brooklyn Bridge Park for children to play on — but which instead scorched their young hands — have been removed.

In their place on Tuesday evening were an empty plot and two mainstream pieces of playground equipment — one for climbing and another for sitting in the shade.

Elizabeth Mitchell, a spokeswoman for the Empire State Development Corporation, which oversees the park, located near Brooklyn Heights, said the domes were removed on Friday.

The $84,000 domes were installed at the toddler playground in March. But within a week of their unveiling, parents reported that their children were burning their hands on them – and screaming out in pain.


Anonymous said...

Thank God. Common sense at last. What a shame the obvious problems didn't occur before they were installed.

Chris said...

Ummm... that's $28,000 per dome! Even if that includes installation labor, I'd have gladly done the job for half that!

Babs said...


None of these college-educated genuises thought that these domes would be a really really bad idea?

not ONE? - wow scary.

There's usually a COMMITTEE that oversees things like this - WOW!!

thomas said...

Turn them over and they'd make nice woks. Maybe the kiddies could be taught solar stir fry.

Go Green!

Babs said...

perfect Thomas!

. . . or it can be used as a large planter - they can grow organic lettuce and tomatoes - some basil too.