Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Owner wants apartment building at site of Jackson Heights fire

From the Daily News:

A plan to replace a row of buildings in Jackson Heights destroyed in a February blaze has many residents all fired up.

The property owner wants a six-story residential and commercial building to replace the one-story structures on 37th Ave.

Residents have been circulating a petition opposing the building. They said they fear it will be out of character - and the last thing the area needs is more residents moving in.

"It just adds more people to an overly congested area," said Edwin Westley, president of the Jackson Heights Beautification Group. "It puts additional pressure on schools, transportation, sanitation and park space."

Group member Katie Musselwhite-Goldsmith, 32, of Jackson Heights, has collected nearly 300 signatures since she started the petition last month, she said.

Musselwhite-Goldsmith, whose view could be obstructed by the structure, plans to present the petitions to various city agencies and meet with local officials this month.

The project must still receive zoning and Buildings Department approval and go before the Landmarks Preservation Commission because it is in a historic district.


Anonymous said...

This guy should have not been so greedy and taken 2 to 3 floors instead of being an asshole and going for 6. Now he's on the community's shitlist and will probably be denied.

Sarah P. said...

Build, baby, build!

The Bronx is burning said...

Nice how that old boiler blew up at just the right time so the landlord could move this forward.

Gary the Agnostic said...

An interesting coincidence, to be sure!!!

Joe said...

The owner will likley settle with 2 to 3 floors.
They always start out with 2X the minimum size they expect.
This way he or she can pretend they made huge sacrifices and worked with the communiety.

Lino said...

"Residents have been circulating a petition opposing the building. They said they fear it will be out of character"

What are those in the background..a mirage?

A modern fireproof building with 45 apts a garage and stores..oh that is just "horrible".

Hand out the envelopes and everything will be fine.

Anonymous said...

The historic district area in Jackson Heights is a very well planned community.

Yes, there are many 6 story buildings like those visible in the photo but there are also smaller structures like this row of stores intergrated into the plan to provide light and a human sense of scale.

To demolish the smaller buildings and replace them with much larger ones will have a big impact on the design of the entire community.

The property owner knew he was buying in a historic district, let him use his insurance money to re-build what was there.

Anonymous said...

If the owner wants to build a 6-story building, good luck. Good luck finding an architect who can design in the historic style of the district. Good luck paying for it.

Anonymous said...

Why cant this guy do what is his right? Jackson Height Beautification group? Please , bunck of asshole yuppies that work and lock themselves up in their co ops at night, never really knowing the true Jackson Heights. They plant some flowers along 34th avenue and its beautification. Go back to fucking Maine, or Boston, or wherever else you came from, or work with this guy and ensure he builds something that fits the neighborhood. A 6 story building is the neighborhood, so let him build one that matches the older classy ones. Gary, no such thing as coincidences, I've been saying since watching the fire live.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of losers. Boo-hoo all the rent stabilized tenants are afraid of losing their view.