Thursday, July 8, 2010

Names on cans go out with the garbage

From the Daily News:

After years of complaints from these quarters, the City Council seems to have kicked the dirty habit of plastering members' names on garbage cans.

The good news comes from the new list of Council slush fund projects - which shows that while four members have allocated tax dollars for extra street baskets, using them as free, publicly funded advertising isn't so popular anymore.

That's a break from the past 15 years, when the Council and one borough president spent more than $1 million - including $56,000 last year - to pay for thousands of cans with labels like "Sponsored by Council Member So and So."

This year's garbage cans are largely name-free.

Now that the practice appears over, the Council should outright ban it. City government sponsors enough garbage already.


Anonymous said...

I thihk it is quite appropriate to label garbage cans with politicians names.

Anonymous said...

Now if we could only dump some of our pols as easily as the garbage!

But no state in the union would accept the Stavisky trash!

Anonymous said...

This practice never bothered me. When the trash would pile up and stink, you always knew who to blame.

Anonymous said...

Ally Katz' name is still around Forest Hills!