Saturday, July 17, 2010

Locals unhappy with Aqueduct plan

From the NY Post:

Queens leaders said yesterday they want to scratch a plan to have scantily clad Las Vegas-style dancers performing at a proposed casino at Aqueduct Racetrack, while an upstate judge ordered the Paterson administration to halt its latest efforts to open a gambling facility there.

Genting New York -- the American arm of the Malaysian-based gambling giant -- unveiled images on Monday of a proposed "racino" that includes a stage for showgirls to strut their stuff while gamblers play video lottery terminals.

"That's not the type of venue we're looking for," said Community Board 10 Chairwoman Betty Bratton.

Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer (D-Ozone Park) said having showgirls at Aqueduct "went over like a lead balloon."

"That was a mistake. I'm not for scantily clothed dancers. This is not Las Vegas!" Pheffer said.

Meanwhile, a study says a casino there won't be profitable.

And SL Green is protesting.


Fonso said...

What is wrong with dancing girls. This is good no ?

Anonymous said...

Sure looked like locals loved it at the packed house Community Board meeting with Genting.

Anonymous said...

If they cant make money with gambling, they should install "rest cabins" where the show girls can relax with the gamblers. That is always profitable.

Anonymous said...

Keep the casino and gambling. Throw in a free coupon to bus the gamblers to Flushing for a Korean Massage and Octopus Dinner. Problem Solved.

Anonymous said...

Locals loved loved the casino idea minus the dancing girls. Genting canned the dancing girls.

Fonso said...

Bunch of racists put the chicka's out of work!
Dancing and massage chikas have a right to make the money too not just the stupid rich jugador;s.
It will come Bloomberg is doing great things, he really cares

Anonymous said...

I'm not for scantily clothed dancers.

Well once this is operational the Genting Corp is primarily Muslim, so they will have the girls naked except underneath the burkas!

No, I am really not inclined to see Las Vegas in Ozone Park - there is enough trouble there without almost naked dancers shaking booty. Make this an honest middle class entertainment destination that is fun for everyone and reasonable.