Saturday, July 17, 2010

LI tree chop reminds resident of Flushing

From Newsday:

Tree lovers in Port Washington started the workweek upset more than a dozen oaks were chopped down in front of a shopping center.

Frantic residents called town and state officials, the developers and a neighborhood beautification group, Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington, on Monday morning demanding to know why their beloved trees were removed.

"This is a community where when trees are taken down, it strikes a real nerve," the group's executive director Mindy Germain said Tuesday.

Germain's organization was instrumental in enacting a 2008 Town of North Hempstead ordinance that requires an arborist to weigh in before any trees are removed and for residents to receive due warning.

But because the shopping center on Port Washington Boulevard, near Campus Drive, is on a state road, the town's ordinance didn't apply. The state Department of Transportation issued a permit giving permission for the trees to be removed. Spokeswoman Eileen Peters said the project is to "renovate and rehabilitate the area" and that an arborist and landscape architect reviewed the request.

'The 50-year-old oak trees gave the area an "upstate feel," said resident Barbara Morrison, 53. "This is the worst time to cut down trees with birds nesting," she said. "It looks horrible. What does he want this place to look like? Flushing, Queens?" '

No! Anything but that!


Anonymous said...

Her comments do sting, but she's right.
Flushing formerly had the finest collection of trees in America.
Some went to disease, but most went to ignorance and arborcide.

Anonymous said...

And some went to Asian barbarians saws and axes!

"We no like tree", said one Korean woman who tried to kill a tree (by girdling) on 147th Street off Northern Blv'd. many years ago.

Of course in Flushing!

Not that Italian and Greek immigrant/barbarians love trees either.

Italians have had a lasting love affair with cement since the ancient Romans first discovered it.

Any tree taller than a tomato plant has to go in their opinion, "Izza danger" (dangerous).

Anonymous said...

"...What does he want this place to look like? Flushing, Queens?"


Joe said...

The people that take care of the streets and trees in North Hempstead are a mob of useless father, son & son-inlaw predominantly stupid drunks with IQ's that match their shoe size.
They only make $30k a year and don't give a crap. One drunk fell out of a bucket truck on Manhasset ave.

As far as the people running the town (the Kaiman mob)they are all Great Neck Democrats who wish to city-fy everything amd make life miserable for people in Manhassets 5 villiges so people move.
The town was republican for 200 years and a great place to live but now its F*cked !

Anonymous said...

It may be a county road but its the Town Of North Hempsteads job to maintain those trees.
They are simply to busy giving each other 40K a year raises then hiring qualified people and equipment.
This is all a sweet deal with the developer to build a bigger shopping center ($$ corporate tenants)
The town knows, its called "stealth" and "Rotting timbers" and a tactic used since the Newburgger administration.
All the evidence is in a landfill before anything can be disputed.

The developer is an ass
Soundview shopping center is already 1/4 boarded up. Taco Bell, Petco, Cheesburger-Cheesburger gone, and Burger King and West Marine are almost belly up.

This developer is going to loose his shirt and leave a mess

Ms. Havisham said...

Parsons Boulevard is named after Samuel Parsons, who was a botanist who raised trees back in the 1800's. That's where all those tree-named streets in Flushing (Ash, Cherry, Quince, Beech) came from. Trees are an essential part of Flushing history. It's a shame that trees are nuisances to some people. Destruction of nature on this level will come back to haunt us. That snide snotty suburbanite was right!!

Anonymous said...

No, the lovely locals in floo-shing "no like tree" and poison them on their own.

Anonymous said...

Soon the city will spend twice as much money to care for all the kids who get asthma and God knows whatever else will result from less trees.

I live in Flushing, and house by house, rich developers, who live in Manhasset come, buy single-family homes, tear them down along with all those large trees in front of them and build two two family houses with a small 10 foot cherry tree in front. Well, it looks like you are all now getting what you deserve.

Then the Koreans move in and are happy to pay 2k to live in a 15 foot wide apartment because back in North Korea they had much less space to live in!

If you want to get back then plant a tree in front of your house and raise your kids with morals and values and have more than 2 kids.