Friday, July 2, 2010

Court upholds landmark designation of altered buildings

From the NY Times:

The New York Appellate Court on Thursday unanimously upheld the landmark status of the City and Suburban First Avenue Estates on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. In 2006, the two tan-brick apartment houses were designated a landmark, even though the owners had reclad them in reddish-pink stucco, drastically changing their appearance.

“The two buildings clearly have a historical significance that justifies their designation as landmarks,” the court said in its decision.

What happened to the "historic fabric being too altered" to be designated? Oh, wait, this is on the Upper East Side. Different set of rules. My bad.


Yocap said...

"PAY TAXES"...What is meant by that? Is it that they are taxed when they purchase something in the city, because if that's it then please tell How and Where do I sign up?

Anonymous said...

Well, Crappy, we can change this ... but grassroots efforts to try to change things always seem to get undercut by everyone's own personal agneda, eh?

Anonymous said...

Yeah...but if a landmark worthy building in Queens is altered just a bit...Bloomberg's Betts/Tierney go-fers refuse to grant it landmark status!

And where is the (LOL) "preservation" community?

Out to lunch with boro hall and their developer friends!

Calling Queens Historical Society...time to make some waves or watch Queens' history wash away out to sea!