Friday, July 2, 2010

Court slaps BloomKlein

From the NY Times:

A state appellate court ruled unanimously Thursday that the city must keep open the 19 schools it moved to close for poor performance, upholding a March ruling from a lower court.

The decision (see below) is a blow to one of the Bloomberg administration’s major efforts to turn around the city school system by shutting down schools it deems failing. Now, the city will be forced to place new students in those schools, although some have fewer than a dozen freshmen expected to enter.

The court, the Appellate Division, First Department, found that the city’s Education Department did not comply with the 2009 state law on mayoral control of the city schools in that it failed to indicate the ramifications of the school closings.

Instead, the court wrote in its opinion, the city’s educational impact statement “merely indicates the number of school seats that will be eliminated as a result of the proposed phaseout and states that the seats will be recovered through the phase-in of other new schools or through available seats in existing schools.”

The city failed to meet its obligation, the court wrote, “by providing nothing more than boilerplate information about seat availability.” The court wrote that education officials abused the discretion allowed by law by “limiting the information they provided to the obvious.” The decision concludes by noting that the court disagrees with the city’s contention that the violations were “so insignificant as to be totally inconsequential.”

The ruling represents a major victory for the city’s teachers union, which, along with the New York chapter of the NAACP, sued the city.

From the Daily News:

"There's a whole bunch of kids that at least for one year will get a terrible education that ... they'll probably never recover from," Mayor Bloomberg told reporters.

To match the terrible mayor and schools chancellor that the city will probably never recover from.


Queens Teacher said...

These two thugs will find a way around it. They've already been encouraging kids that are supposed to enter Jamaica to go elsewhere. What he wants is for these kids to come to Bayside High School. Plus he wants to up the special ed. population there by 40%. What's your guess on what's going to happed to the school after that? That school is the LEAST overcrowded out of the three high schools here in Northeast Queens.

For chancellor who loves small schools, why do you think he wants to make Bayside a larger one???

Anonymous said...

get ready bayside! why should the rest of queens be affected and not your area.

Anonymous said...

I think the 2 Jews just got their asses kicked!

Anonymous said...

These guys are just gangsters. Yes, Queens Teacher, they fucked up Francis Lewis High School and sent in one of their own as principal to finish the job. Now they have set their sights on Bayside, who will get the kids that Lewis would have gotten if one of Bloomberg's spawn hadn't taken over as principal. They are both so full of shit; they are attempting to ruin schools that middle class and upper middle class kids attend all in the name of union busting.

Queens Teacher said...

BloomKlein's sole mission is not to protect and improve PUBLIC schools, but to open as many charters as he can so their rich buddies can make money.
People investing money in charters qualify for a 39% tax credit from the government in addition to money made on interest on loans. They can double their money in seven years!

Since when have most wealthy people ever, ever given a rat's ass about poor black kids?? Tell me when?!

Gary the Agnostic said...

Anonymous said...
I think the 2 Jews just got their asses kicked!


Would it have made a difference to you if they weren't Jewish?

Anonymous said...

It's Nanny and the Professor!

Anonymous said...

Their motive is not to help kids, it is to destroy the teachers union, which is a political force that is not controlled by Bloomberg.

The public schools they close are all unionized. The charter schools they create to take their place are all non-union.

Anonymous said...

do not forget the N.A.A.C.P. initiated court suits ,with the aid of attorney Thurgood Marshall and N.Y.S. regents member,Dr.Kenneth Clark to" force bus" pupils from their communtie's public schools ,in order to integrate minority schools in the 1960's.

billions of taxes were wasted on this failed socialist experiment.
the minority graduation rates at present day are worse than in the 60's.

the present U.S.Supreme Court has judged this practice took 45 years to correct the damage done by the social justice advocates.

btw U.S.Solicitor General and obama nominee for the U.S.Supreme Court,ELENA KAGAN was Supreme Court Judge T.Marshall's clerk . a job for life. goodbye U.S.Constitution,if one more obama appointee gets seated.

most political supporters of this failed social experiment enrolled their child in private schools.
ie.kennedy's,carters,clintons,j.jacksons etc.etc.etc.

Queens Teacher said...

"Their motive is not to help kids, it is to destroy the teachers union, which is a political force that is not controlled by Bloomberg."

You're correct about breaking the union. But the UFT IS controlled by Bloomberg - indirectly.
A true labor leader(Mulgrew and Weingarten before him) would have been butting heads with Bloomie every single day. Mulgrew is mostly silent on the issues that are really hurting teachers.

Listen to the voice of a true labor leader:

Anonymous said...

The hedgefund managers who support the non-profit school partners (privatization of new public schools) are on the boards of the companies that do business with the Department of Education. It isn't just about the tax write-offs of charter schools, but it is still big money in already wealthy pockets. Think of the cost of book sales and software products.

Be aware that the new small schools being opened by the Department of Education are NOT charter schools but are still being funded by the same organizations who run charter schools.

Follow the money!