Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chemistry Lounge shut down

From the Leader-Observer:

Clientele of Chemistry Lounge in Ozone Park will have to look elsewhere to party and dance. The club has closed its doors.

After a hearing held on June 24 before Supreme Court Justice Orin Kitzes, the owners of the club and the police department reportedly entered into a stipulation whereby Chemistry agreed to close and turn the lease back over to the landlord. As of press time, the exact details of the stipulation have not been made public.

Reportedly, the landlord is now looking to rent the premises at 98-07 Liberty Avenue to a restaurant or restaurant chain such as Applebee’s.

Chemistry Lounge was originally padlocked on June 8 by officers of the 106th Precinct under the direction of Special Operations Lieutenant Joseph Salvato for violent episodes and allegedly violating state liquor laws, according to a police spokesman.

The authorities, who had taken action under the city’s nuisance abatement laws, alleged that employees of the nightclub sold liquor to minors three times during the past year. In addition, police said that last year there were reports of fights, a shooting, stabbing, assault and a robbery at the location.


Anonymous said...

hmm. "chemistry" lounge? that's slang for drugs in some circles.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg won't be happy until they turn New York into Singapore.

E.I. du Pont said...

Better living through chemistry!

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened on Queens Blvd a few years ago when they shut down Blaggio's.

There was a shooting once but every Friday and Saturday night the streets around the club were full of cars circling the blocks looking for parking. Groups of kids screaming and drinking walking to and from the 74th St/Broadway station. Impossible to sleep at night during those days.