Monday, July 5, 2010

Budgetary winners and losers

From Gotham Gazette:

When it comes to bringing home the bacon, some City Council members do a lot better than others.

According to an analysis by Gotham Gazette, Councilmember and Finance Committee chair Domenic Recchia sponsored more individual member items than any other council member in this year's budget (more on its approval here). Recchia raked in nearly $1.3 million for nonprofits of his choice.

Recchia was one of four members -- Lewis Fidler, Leroy Comrie and James Oddo are the others -- who topped the million-dollar mark in member items, often referred to as council pork.

At the other end of the spectrum, Elizabeth Crowley garnered the least amount of money with $358,321, falling behind recently indicted Larry Seabrook, who had $362,276. Vincent Gentile, Gale Brewer, Margaret Chin and Helen Foster also got less than $400,000

Crowley's pot supposedly got chopped because she pissed off her royal highness, Christine Quinn.


Anonymous said...

And I just thought Dizzy Lizzy turned down that dike bitch Quinn's advances, go figure!

Anonymous said...

Quinn does have a pork problem but anyone can lick it!

Anonymous said...

Recchia & Fidler have learned from their mentor : Senator Carl Kruger.
They know how to buy the votes.
It's only time before Recchia & Fidler get their asses into a sling & follow into Kruger's footsteps.

Anonymous said...

Sen. Robert Byrd delivered pork to his home state, and the press is lauding him in their obituaries. Perhaps these council members also want to be praised in the press.