Saturday, July 17, 2010

Astoria assembly race now down to 2

From the Daily News:

Just confirmed that Jeremiah Frei-Pearson of Astoria is dropping out of the three-way Democratic primary for state Assembly in District 36.

"Because the dynamics of the race have recently changed and the only path to victory would contrast our shared values as Democrats, Jeremiah Frei-Pearson has decided to end his Assembly campaign. I commend him for putting the principles that unite us as Democrats ahead of one election. It has been my great honor to work on his campaign and I look forward to his continuing leadership in our community," spokesman Michael Murphy told me.

Frei-Pearson, a lawyer, has been competing against two other candidates for the Assembly seat being vacated by Michael Gianaris, who's looking to move up to the state Senate.

Aravella Simotas, a lawyer who seeks to become the first Greek-American woman elected to the Assembly, has the backing of Gianaris and Rep. Joe Crowley, the county chairman, as well as locking up a slew of institutiional and labor support, including Rep. Carolyn Maloney, state Sens. George Onorato and José Peralta, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, former Council Speaker Peter Vallone, Sr. and his son, Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr., Councilmen James Van Bramer and Daniel Dromm and Assemblymembers Grace Meng and Micah Kellner.

Also vying for the seat: John Ciafone, who has faced questions -- including from the Daily News -- about his legal residence.

Wow, what a choice... Apparently Frei-Pearson didn't want to go negative.


Anonymous said...

Met Frei-Pearson and his wife two weeks ago when they were campaigning on my block. Seems like a good guy, too good to have a chance with the savages in Albany.

Anonymous said...

"has the backing of Gianaris and Rep. Joe Crowley, the county chairman, as well as locking up a slew of institutional and labor support"

As soon as I saw this blurb, I no longer cared about Aravella. Institutional=party machine.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Ciafone doesn't have a chance. I will take a county pick over a bigot

from part 1 said...

A Jeremiah supporter wrote this:

Of course I'm saddened by this decision. But even so, I understand and support Jeremiah's reasons for ending the campaign. His only remaining path to victory required a negative campaign against a Democrat with a considerable following in the District. He's put our community and our shared values ahead of this single election and I can assure all of you that he isn't going anywhere. We will continue to have his leadership, his support, and his advocacy on all the important issues facing our communities.

This race has also proven that
Aravella Simotas has tremendous support in our community. I've had the opportunity to speak with her on several occasions and I have found her to be intelligent, interested, and open to good ideas from wherever they emerge. She will be Astoria's voice in our Assembly and I hope we can all come together to work with her on the issues facing our community.

Anonymous said...



from part 2 said...

35 pages of arguing down the drain.

Anonymous said...


never trust a politican.

Queens Crapper said...

Does anyone think that Aravella wasn't poised to go all negative on his ass?

Anonymous said...

Nice that he cut a deal with the Vallones. That's really the only explanation.

Anonymous said...

What following does this Arvela have in the community other than that she's Greek and is a handpuppet of the Vallones?

Anonymous said...

Yup, everyone hit it right on the head. Sellout, bought and sold. Look for him to run with full county/Vallone endorsements for City Council in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that Aravella wasn't poised to go all negative on his ass?


Sure, a greenhorn appointed by an Albany insider from an organization that is driving a once fine community into the mud.

If you find THAT a tough target you don't belong in politics sonny.

So what if the grannys vote for her - you could have layed the foundation for the future.

Now you confirm the worst fears of those that accuse the newbies as transient with shallow roots and little regard for the community aside it is a stepping stone.

Astoria remains isolated and backward.

Anonymous said...

You all have a lot to say but where the hell were you when he needed canvassers?