Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Animal abuse at Windmuller Park

From the Times Newsweekly:

One resident relayed a story of a dead dog found with his paws tied together with duct tape in the bushes at Windmuller Park three weeks ago.

The officers responding to the incident allegedly left the animal in a garbage pail overnight for Parks Department officials to take care of.

“I don’t know if the cops called the ASPCA or not,” the resident noted. “It shouldn’t have been left overnight.”

While agreeing with residents that the cops should have disposed of the animal properly, Kavanagh noted that “we’re not going to stop the presses for a dead dog in the park.”

After an outcry from residents demanding further investigation, Toro told the crowd he would reach out to the local ASPCA chapter to see if any similar incidents have occurred.


cherokeesista said...

WTF!!! Assholes!!! This really pissess me off:( it's not just a dog!!! it's an innocent little animal that some sick twisted freak tortured:( Pathetic:(

Anonymous said...

Whoever killed the dog is going to get his someday soon. Animal abuse laws are a joke. Kill a dog no matter what the reason,you should do 10 yrs state prison time.

Animal abusers get away with murder because the punishment is a farce,6 months-1 yr sentence in most cases.

Anonymous said...

"not going to stop the presses over a dead dog found in the park"

What a jerk Kavanagh was to say that.

No one asked his men to stop any presses.

They were called out to investigate an incident of animal torture, and they threw the only piece of evidence, the dead body in the trash.

babs said...

I'm stunned by Kavanah's apparent apathetic response to this EXTREMELY SERIOUS issue.

I am SICKENED by this heinous act and want JUSTICE for this poor animal.

I want to remind Kavanah that whoever did this would do the same thing to his (or her) mother or child or YOURS if given the chance.

I sincerely hope the worse possible death for the individual who did this.

We HAVE to create a database of the names of these sickos to protect ourselves.

Anonymous said...

They do say serial killers almost always start with animals.

Why wait until they find a child's body duct taped in the bushes before stopping the presses, Mr. Kavanagh?

Anonymous said...

i can't stand how fucking evil people are.

fiscus1 said...

I'm so sick and tired of this typical response from the city and it's officials.

An animal found in the bushes with its paws tied with duct tape is clearly not just "a dead dog in the park".

Anonymous said...

Boy this city sure has a lot of hollow losers who do things like this to animals.
Its in the news way too often. Sick.
I'm so tired of seeing these animal abuse stories in the city and Long Island.

Then theres the worst drivers in the country in SUV 's on every block who also think its cute to not think of pedestrians and people walking with their dogs.

Snake Plissskin said...

Funny how people go apeshit over animals while entire communities are being displaced for development.

Queens Crapper said...

I go apeshit over both.

Anonymous said...

NYPD Deputy Inspector Thomas Kavanagh should have called Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

cherokeesista said...

Hey Snake:) I go ape shit over both myself!!!! Do you have a dog? For anyone to do what was done to that poor dog is definately going to KILL A PERSON NEXT!!! Hopefully no one you know:( ALL SERIAL KILLERS START OUT KILLING AND TORTURING ANIMALS!!!!! I hope he or she gets BLOOMTURD!!!!!

Horatio Kane said...

There probably were fingerprints on the duct tape that could have led to the perpertrator(s). The way this is described, the police essentially tampered with the evidence, contaminated the crime scene and destroyed any chance of solving the crime. Worst of all is the reaction of their commander, which seeems to validate what they did.

Babs said...

Horatio - good point - yes there would be evidence on the duct tape - fingerprints and perhaps hair samples.

I WANT an investigation!
The piece of crap that did this may have more animals that are abused and/or children - obviously the sicko preys on the defenseless!

Why NOT a reward offered by the police for info leading to an arrest? Most likely the crime was committed by someone who was familiar with the park - someone who may have walked the dog there in the past.

I bet the person WOULD not be that hard to find - someone knows something - a neighbor or the shelter the dog was adopted from -

No discription of the dog released to the public?

How DARE they dismiss this!

cherokeesista said...

I'm with you Babs:) Someone has to know something but the sad fact is people just don't care anymore:( Especially COPS!!!!