Friday, July 9, 2010

Abandoned Forest Hills house being addressed

From the Daily News:

The owner of an abandoned Forest Hills house that has irked neighbors for decades is finally being hauled into court.

The city recently deemed the dilapidated single-family home at 93-07 69th Ave. an "unsafe building" - prompting a hearing.

For neighbors, who have filed numerous complaints over the years, it could be the beginning of a solution to a blight on the otherwise manicured block between Juno and Kessel Sts.

The house is filled ceiling to floor with junk, posing a fire hazard, neighbors say. They also fear the roof, connected to adjacent houses, may collapse.

The house has racked up at least seven violations from the Buildings Department since 1996, including failures to maintain the exterior, broken windows and frames, and in May, an "unsafe building" designation.

It's that last violation that requires the property owner to show up in court.


Anonymous said...

This is no excuse that the city took this long to respond.

Now if the building was in Brooklyn Heights this would never happen.

Where is QCC? Where is 4 boros? Where is the city preservationist movement?

Anonymous said...

The property owner died in 2007. I doubt she'll show up in "court." And what "court," exactly, is the reporter talking about?

Anonymous said...

Someone has to own it. If the owner's dead then it would probably fall to her son unless her will said otherwise.

Still, I wonder what action the court will actually take. I also have to wonder why these people wouldn't just sell the house. I mean, you could find a much cheaper storage space.

BTW, you have the wrong house tagged in the photo. It's the one on the right, with the red around the windows, not the one in the middle.

Anonymous said...

The house is in the dead owner's name. But her husband is still alive, and probably in a nursing home, which is why the son won't change the title to the house, he's afraid of losing it to the nursing home. They probably lied on the father's medicaid application, and now they don't know what to do. of course, if they had just maintained the home and made the neighbors happy, then they would have gotten away with it. Some people are so cheap and short-sighted, that they wind up screwing themselves. And of course they'll blame others.